Field Types
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Open Comments FieldView the open comments, have discussions, or assign tasks to members directly where your work is
Text FieldAdd a single line of text like a name or title
Text Area FieldAdd text that can span multiple lines
Single Select FieldCreate custom values lists where only one choice can be selected
Multiple Select FieldCreate custom, predetermined, and default multiple choice values lists
Date FieldCapture date and time values in Tables
Date Range FieldAdd start and end dates to records to build timelines
Time FieldAdd Time values to records
Number Slider FieldTurn numbers visual with a numerical slider
SmartDoc FieldCreate entire documents that combine free-form rich text, multimedia and more
Number FieldAdd number values to records with adjustable formats
Percent FieldAdd percent values to Tables
Currency FieldAdd currency fields to fit any geography
Email FieldAdd one or more valid email addresses to a record
Phone FieldAdd phone numbers to contacts and accounts for any geography
Address FieldAssociate digital data with real-world places with real-time search via Google Maps for validation
Full Name FieldStore important names in Records
Link FieldInclude website links in records
Yes / No FieldIndicate a state with a Yes / No Field
Files and Images FieldAttach files and images that can be viewed and downloaded
Linked Record FieldConnect information across Solutions to share data and streamline saved views or tasks with our unique and customizable displays
First Created FieldSystem field for tracking when a record was created and by who
Last Updated FieldTrack who last edited a record and when
Due Date FieldVisually track and manage due dates
Duration FieldTrack a time duration in days, hours and minutes
Status FieldTrack the status of records with custom values to match your processes, create automations, and develop workflows
Checklist FieldManage a list of action items related to a work process or project
Time Tracking Log FieldTrack time spent working on a task or project
Assigned To FieldAssign records to one or many members.
Repeating TasksAutomate routine tasks within a specific record
Percent Complete FieldVisualize percent complete of work with a graphical slider
Collaborative Field TypesHow to use specific Fields to collaborate
Rating FieldAdd a visual rating using a scale of your choice
Vote FieldCreate collaboration by allowing team members to cast a vote in records
Tag FieldAdd tags to records to categorize data, enhance saved views, and search
Social Network FieldAdd links to one or more social networks within a record
Project Management Field TypesHow certain Fields help you manage projects and tasks