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Create collaboration by allowing team members to cast a vote in records
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The Vote field strikes discussion among team members, where every member gets one vote on a topic (a record). This prioritizes a democratic "voice of the team" method when making decisions.

It's helpful in ranking features, elevating urgent and important items, or simply understanding how team members feel about a work topic. Members can view votes with a click to see who supports the vote, giving weight to subject matter experts and influencers.

Comments can be used in records with Vote fields, promoting discussion directly in the context of the work.

Note: Solution Managers won't be able to copy a Vote field's content when duplicating a field. We don't duplicate votes at SmartSuite.

We used the Vote field to narrow down our SmartSuite logo iterations:

Display Formats & Options

Solution Managers can set the Vote field color and choose to allow whether other members can view who has voted for each record.

Check out quick articles on Adding Help Text to fields.

Example of Use

Build Culture in Remote Work Settings

Get creative! Remote work brings safety, flexibility, and plenty of efficiencies, but the power of strong work culture can erode over time.

Voting offers small, yet impactful ways to engage team members while focusing on culture in a virtual environment.

Some teams take it to an extreme, analyzing voting patterns throughout the year to create friendly campaigns for votes when the big prizes are on the line.

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