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Text Field Overview

Text fields are used to capture simple text strings like names and titles. Every new app contains a default text field called "Title" which serves as the primary field for the app. This serves as the unique identifier for each record.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Text Fields Options

You can alter the specifications for each text field in two ways:

Require Entries to be Unique

This is used to avoid data duplication and is a requirement when using a Text field as an app's Primary Field (SmartSuite's default setting for new apps)

Require an Entry

Typically used to capture key information and maintain quality data. It's also required when using the Text field as a Primary Field.

Select the Text Field dropdown, Modify Field Settings, and check or uncheck the previous options to meet your preference.

Working with Text Fields

Let's use Project Management as a use case.

Use the View (Reporting) Toolbar to:

Filter fields to find specific, related, or empty Title fields.

Search for any text field Project Task using "Find."

Examples of Use

Text fields capture simple text in variable scenarios. In a Sales CRM solution, you may want to require adding a client's title and make note of the names of their children in another field.

Changing Text Field to Any Other Field Type

If you create a text field but later decide that you actually want to convert it to another type, open the field's properties and click on the colored bar that contains the text field icon and the word Text. You will be presented with a dropdown list that allows you to convert to any field type.

Warning: Converting your text field to another type may result in loss of data. Please use caution when choosing another field type.

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