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Add multiple lines of text for notes, descriptions, and simple text content
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Text Area Overview

When you need something between Text fields and SmartDoc fields, Text Area comes into play.

If you create a Text Area field and end up needing the features of a SmartDoc, you can convert a Text Area field to a SmartDoc at any time.

Text Area fields span two columns in the Two Column 50/50 and Two Column 70/30 page layouts.

Use Text Area fields to capture descriptions, and notes, or for content-heavy apps to guide users through structured content.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Text Area Options

Solution Managers can select from the following Text Area field options:

Require an Entry

Typically used to capture key information and maintain quality data. It's also required when using the Text field as a Primary Field.

Limit Character Entry

Another option to promote data quality is limiting the character entry which can be used in combination with a Default value to enforce formatting.

To change these options, select the field dropdown, Modify Field Settings, and check your preferred options.

Expand Text Area in Grid View

Simply click into a Text Area cell in Grid View and expand to pop up a bigger text entry screen.

Examples of Use

Text Area fields are straightforward to understand and use. SmartSuite can be used in surprising ways including structuring content.

Take the HR Handbook Solution available in the SmartSuite Solution Library for example. We've created sections of a handbook as Text Area fields that combine to create a digital living document for organizations to broadcast company values, policies, and procedures.

For more features and functionality try using the SmartDoc Field.

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