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Turn numbers visual with a numerical slider

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A Number Slider field is a type of field in SmartSuite that allows users to select a value within a specified range using a slider control. This field provides a visual way to track the progress of work related to a Table's record.

Adding a Number Slider field

From Grid View

Click the + menu icon after the last column header or open the Column Menu by clicking on a column header's dropdown icon and then select "Add Field to the Right."

Select "Number Slider," and a window will open to configure the field. You can search the name for a quick find.

From Record View

The fastest way to add a field from an open Record View to is simply click the + sign next to a current field to add a new field below.

See a Number Slider field being added in Edit Record View below:

Customizing the field

Solution Managers can choose from three different display sizes for the number slider field: Small, Medium, or Large. This allows you to customize the appearance of the field based on your specific requirements.

Customize the color of the number slider to suit your preference or align with your Table's design. You can select a color that enhances the visibility and aesthetics of the slider control.

Define the minimum and maximum values for the number slider field. This ensures that users can only select values within the specified range. Additionally, you can set an increment value to control the granularity of the selection.

Solution Managers can also determine whether to require an entry for this field.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Example of Use

To illustrate the practical application of the number slider field, consider the following scenario in a Product Management Solution:

Suppose you are tracking metrics for a product feature's score. One of the metrics is "Reach," which measures the extent of the feature's impact. By utilizing the number slider field, you can create a Features Score record with a number slider specifically designed to track the Reach metric. This allows you to visually monitor and update the Reach value as the feature progresses, providing valuable insights into the overall score.

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