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Files and Images Field
Attach documents, images, and rich media files on records
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The Files and Images field is one of the most used field types in SmartSuite, capturing documents, work assets, and deliverables, and organizing them in the context of your apps.

Members can upload files from their device, or they can sign into Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, or Instagram to pull files and images directly from those sources. SmartSuite integrates with Unsplash to find freely usable, high-quality images.

Display Formats & Options

Solution Managers can opt to make Files and Image fields as required. SmartSuite includes file icons, document, and image previews by default.

Check out quick articles on Adding Help Text to fields.

Adding & Managing Files

Members can add files by clicking on +Add Attachment in an open record. Files can be added quickly to records in Grid View. Clicking the "..." menu when hovering over an attachment will display options to:

  • Rename the file

  • Download the file

  • Remove the file

File Sizes

5GB is the maximum file size for each file. You can create a zip file to upload or link to Google Drive or Dropbox if the file you'd like to upload is larger than that.

File Types

Any file type may be attached in a Files and Images field, however, SmartSuite recognizes the file types below to display for visual convenience.

Examples of Use

Image Gallery

Files and Image fields can be selected as "Cover Images" in Card and Kanban Views through the Fields to Display control. SmartSuite previews documents or images in cards.

Once configured, images can be previewed in cards or viewed as a gallery.

Logo Wall

Client logos can be added to Account records in the Sales CRM solution to visualize the hard won deals your team has closed!

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