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Capture date and time values in Tables

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The Date field captures date and time values in Tables. Date and time formats dynamically change according to locale settings in the Member Profile.

Adding a Date Field

From Grid View

Click the + menu icon after the last column header or open the Column Menu by clicking on a column header's dropdown icon and then select "Add Field to the Right."

Select "Date Field," and a window will open to configure the field. You can search the name for a quick find.

From Record View

The fastest way to add a field from an open Record View to is simply click the + sign next to a current field to add a new field below.

See a Date field being added in Edit Record View below:

Working with Date fields

To add a date, you can either manually enter it or click on the cell to display the clickable calendar view to choose a date from.

Select a cell you wish to adjust and a window with a calendar will display. Select a year, month, and date, and customize the time.

From the customization menu, you are able to change the name of the date and select a display format by clicking the display format dropdown.

Solution Managers can select Compact, Standard (default), or Long displays when configuring Date fields, and choose to make values required.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Include a Time Field

You can also include a time for each date by clicking on the + Time Panel at the bottom of the window. From here you can select a time from the 30-minute increment dropdown or manually type in a specific time.

Dates Field & Calendar View

Calendar View automatically detects Date fields, mapping records, and shifting between multiple date fields with the Date selector.

Date Fields and Timeline View

Timeline View recognizes date field types within records, including Date, Due Date, and Date Range fields. Records are added to the calendar and color-coded by date.

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