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Address fields come to life in SmartSuite. They are integrated with Map View and configurable to fit your app needs.

Map View automatically recognizes Address fields in app.

Display Formats & Options

Solution Managers can control how Address fields are displayed in page layouts, choosing between:

  • Single Line with or without a map preview (recommended for apps with a large number of fields)

  • Multiple Line with or without a map preview

Setting an Address field to be included in map display or as required is also an option.

Check out this quick article on Adding Help Text to fields.

Examples of Use

Customer Relationship Management

Map accounts, contacts, and opportunities to geographies.

Real Estate & Property Management

Track attributes of physical properties and link to work orders, maintenance histories, improvements and more.

Addresses & Grouping

Address fields provide a dash of power when grouping in saved views. You're able to group by each element of the Address field - Street, Suite / Apt / Blvd, City, State, Zip, and Country.

Go crazy with nested groups! View records by City & State, or any permutation of a location.

Address Autocomplete

SmartSuite performs a real-time search via Google Maps when you begin typing addresses. Just click the right address as it appears and we will autocomplete the rest of the field values.

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