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The Number field type can be configured for almost any numerical need you can think of. Numerical data can be used with related Formulas or Rollup fields and is useful in charts and dashboards.

Display Formats & Options

Solution Manager can select the precision to display in numeric fields. The default precision is "1." Use of comma separators in numeric fields is selected by default, and you can choose to allow negative values and/or require an entry in the number field.

You can opt to include Prefix or Suffix labels that display within the field before or after the numeric value.

Examples of Use

The Number field is straightforward in its applications. The Real Estate Activity Management solution in the SmartSuite Solution Library provides some relatable examples to track:

  • Property size (sq. ft.)

  • Lot size (acres)

  • # of Bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Year built

  • Year last renovated

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