Collaborative Field Types
How to use specific Fields to collaborate
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Ensure your team is ready to hit the Fields with these collaboration-based data entries.

Member πŸ‘€

Manage assignments and ownership with the Member Field to support collaboration and project management.

Team πŸ‘₯

Have a larger group working on a single task? Assign one or more teams to collaborate on a project with the Team Field.

Rating 🌟

Use the Rating Field to allow users to select a rating to indicate a preference, performance, or anything else that can be rated.

Vote πŸ—³οΈ

Typically used for prioritization by group members, you can allow your team to vote on items that need to be completed or addressed sooner than others with the Vote Field.

Tag #️⃣

Speed search up with tags. Use the Tag Field to categorize Records, using existing tags or adding new ones as you go.

Social Network 🀳

Add links to one or more social media accounts or store links to social media content with using clickable icons with the Social Network Field.

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