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Open Comments Field

View the open comments, have discussions, or assign tasks to members directly where your work is

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The Open Comments field allows you to have a conversation with members and assign tasks directly inside a SmartSuite record. It is a read-only system field created by default within all new Tables.

This field is used for tracking unresolved comments associated with the record. As a separate field, it is displayed in the Grid, Card, and Kanban Views as a chat icon.

When a user is in a record, the field is the chat icon in the right top corner of the record's header.

Working with Open Comments

Since Open Comments is a system field, it cannot be deleted or re-added. The difference from other system fields is that its properties cannot be modified.

However, you can determine whether this field is displayed in your view.

Through the reporting toolbar, select fields to display to remove the open comment field, or display it, dragging and dropping to the location of your preference.

To open the comments panel, select the chat icon in your view or open any record and select the chat icon in the upper right corner.

Here, you can view any open comments, message any team or team member, attach any files, and assign your comment as a task to someone.

This way, you are viewing and commenting as well as creating assignments directly where your work is.

Resolving and Reopening Comments

From the chat icon panel, easily resolve any previous comments or reopen them as necessary.

Assigning in Comments

Assign tasks to team members directly from the comments. Simply @Mention the member, type your request, and select the "Assign to..." box. This will create a notification and the assignment will show up in their My Work panel.

Learn more about Conversations in SmartSuite.

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