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Linked Record fields connect Apps in SmartSuite, allowing processes to flow seamlessly while maintaining single sources of information. Anytime you link two records together, you’ll see that the association is mirrored in the other record. These reciprocal links allow you to see related information without duplicating it.

You can track the contacts associated with an account, the clients associated to projects, and the venues connected to your upcoming events.

Let's take the classic Sales CRM example we started outlining at the beginning of this article. Below we show how two distinct records in the Opportunities App link to the Account Record, which links to a key Contact record.

Here's how this looks in SmartSuite - starting with the Contact record, then clicking through to the Account, and onto the active Opportunity record:

Adding Linked Records

From Record View

To add a Linked Record from record view, simply select the "Link to a record from.." (after making your selection of what app to choose items from).

From Grid View

To add a Linked Record from Grid View, click on the cell and a "+" sign will display. Click the plus sign and a window for selection will display.

Display Formats

The Linked Record field provides a few display formats including Compact, Simplified, Standard, and Expanded.





When creating a new Linked Record field, you'll be able to:

  • Select the Display Format: Compact Display, Simplified Display, Expanded Display

  • Choose the App to link to in SmartSuite

  • Select the Fields to Display (and Sort Order and/or Filters)

  • Select if Single or Multiple Records (default) can be linked between apps.

  • Make entries in the field required for new records

Note: Once a link is established and records are connected between apps, you will not be able to modify the linked record. Solution Managers can delete the field, which will break the links and replace data as a Text Field in the linked apps.

Indicate whether you want to allow linking to multiple records and if you want to require an entry in this field.

Check out quick articles on Adding Help Text to fields.

Selecting Fields to Display

Set the fields to display in the Linked Record field section within an app for Compact and Expanded display formats. This can provide a visual way to see important data at a glance in Record view. Also, set the order in which they are displayed.

Setting Sorts & Filters

In the same control as above, Solution Owners can Sort and Filter linked records using any field in the linked app. For instance, it may be helpful to show the most recently created (First Created) record in the Bugs & Issues app so users can find the newest items to work on.

Filters are handy as well. Set filters to only show Opportunities in an open stage, or show records in an Initiative tracking app for the current year.

Use Formulas, Lookups & Rollups

Linked Record relationships open a massive opportunity to push and pull data into other apps using calculated field types such as Formulas, Lookup, Rollup, and Count.

Any field in the linked app records can be used in related calculations. For more info, click the links to the specific field types above or take a look at these articles:

Linked Records vs. Sub Items

The Sub Items field often competes for use with Linked Record fields. Should you build a connection between two apps with a Linked Record field? Or should you use a Sub Items field to log multiple related items?

Note: Use Sub Items when you want to create a clear parent-child relationship, where the Sub Item is clearly there to capture and present data for its host parent.

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