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The Link field is simple and straightforward. Use it to capture one or many web addresses related to a record.

Solution Managers can choose to include the link, a link with a favicon, or just the favicon in a small button. Use a link with a favicon when multiple entries are allowed to help members identify websites at-a-glance, or the icon-only version when you need to have multiple links easily available for the user to click.

All Link fields in SmartSuite are clickable, opening their URLs in new browser tabs when clicked.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Icon Only Display

When configured to display favicons only, you'll be presented with a tooltip that gives more information about the image's link:

Multiple Links

Link fields can allow single or multiple entries. When adding multiple links, the "Add New" button is hidden until the first link is created.

The input dialog will continue to expand, allowing you to add multiple links. You'll also get a preview of the favicon, like this:

Activity History

In tracking changes to Link fields, Activity History maintains a list of old and current links. Both will be clickable from Activity History so you can keep track of what has changed.

Inline Edit in Grid View

The first click into a Link field cell activates the link while also providing the option to copy/paste or delete values with keystrokes. Clicking the link again will open the site in a new browser window.

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