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The Percent field is a numeric field type that holds numerical values that are formatted as percentages. Simply type in the whole number you wish the percent to be and it will automatically create it as a percent value (no need to type decimals).

For a more standard number field, use the Number field type.

Adding a Percent field

From Grid View

Click the + menu icon after the last column header or open the Column Menu by clicking on a column header's dropdown icon and then select "Add Field to the Right."

Select "Percent," and a window will open to configure the field. You can search the name for a quick find.

From Record View

The fastest way to add a field from an open Record View to is simply click the + sign next to a current field to add a new field below.

See a Percent field being added in Edit Record View below:


From the field modification settings, there are several options for customizations.

Solution Manager can select the precision to display in numeric fields. The default precision is ".00".

You can also choose to allow negative values and/or require an entry in the number field.

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Example of Use

SmartSuite recognizes Percent field values in Saved Views, Formula, and Rollup fields - all useful in summarizing data. Take a simple example - Rollup individual grades from linked courses to calculate a current grade average.

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