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The Time Tracking Log field allows one or many members to log time in hour / minute increments directly in a single field within a record. The field captures:

  • Member

  • Time (using natural language by typing things like 1h 30m, 1hr 30 mins, 8 hours)

  • Notes (up to 250 characters to specify activities or results from the work effort)

The field displays the Total Time logged as a summation across all time log entries.

Consider a use case for Client Engagements where service consultants track time spent on a particular task or project.

Display Formats & Options

Solution Managers can choose between two display formats - pill or text (date). Pill is the default option and you can customize the pill color. Solution Managers can make entries required as needed.

Check out quick articles on Adding Help Text to fields.

Logging Time

Users have a couple of options when logging time:

  • They can specify a specific Date for the time log (in both Duration and Time Range entry tabs)

  • They can use the Time Range tab to specify start and end times

Auto-Time Tracking: Timer

The timer tab allows you to start a timer that will record the amount of time spent working on tasks and projects.

Simply click the green play button to start the timer. You also the ability to leave notes in the text box to indicate what you were working on.

A pill will display in the bottom right corner with the running time as you access other Records, Apps or Solutions.

If you click on the pill, the timer window will display. Clicking on the red button will stop the timer and log the time into the field.

After stopping the timer, the floating pill will still display.

All time will automatically display in the time tracking log field! You can then use Grouping and the Summary Footer to see totals for groups of records.

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