First Created Field

System field for tracking when a record was created and by who

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The First Created field is a read-only system field that is a default date field created with all new Tables. It tracks when records were created. But it does a bit more too - tracking the member who created it and the time.

The First Created and Last Updated fields are displayed in record footers, but are available to display in views, saved views, and can be used in formula fields. New records display the First Created information in the footer until it is updated. From then on, the footer will show the Last Updated information.

The footer includes a link to the Member Profile of the user who First Created (or Last Updated) the record. So if you have an issue with its creation - you can just reach out directly to that person.

The First Created field is a system-generated field. It cannot be duplicated, changed, or deleted.

Important Note: The date and time values are displayed in the time zone the viewing Member has selected in their user profile. Members can change their time zone by clicking Edit in the General Preferences section of their profile. Time zone defaults to the Workspace's time zone value, which is set in the Workspace Preferences section of Workspace Settings (in Workspace Administration).

Customizing the field

Display Formats

Solution Managers can choose the following display format when configuring solutions:

  • Avatar

  • Date

  • Avatar and Date

Choose the Date Format as "Days Ago" or "Date". If the Date is selected, Solution Managers can opt to display the exact Time records were created.

Note: Since the First Created field is located in the footer of records, Solution Managers should adjust the default display options by adding the field to Grid View and modifying it from there.

Check out quick articles on Adding Help Text to fields.

First Created Field and Activity History

The Last Updated field is used to track changes in a record's Activity History. The First Created field is displayed at the top, and changes are logged every time a record is updated.

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