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Add Time values to records

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Add Time values directly to records using the Time field. Its simple purpose is to put time stamps on records and serve as a way to pinpoint a specific time value.

Solution Managers can choose to mark Time fields as required.

Note: Times are displayed in the format that has been defined in each User's Profile.

Adding a Time field

From Grid View

Click the + menu icon after the last column header or open the Column Menu by clicking on a column header's dropdown icon and then select "Add Field to the Right."

Select "Time," and a window will open to configure the field. You can search the name for a quicker find.

From Record View

The fastest way to add a field from an open Record View to is simply click the + sign next to a current field to add a new field below.

See a Time field being added in Edit Record View below:

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

Time recognization

The Time field supports free language when typing in values manually, for example:

  • Typing 1pm converts to 1:00 pm

  • Typing 115 converts to 1:15 am (SmartSuite uses "am" by default)

Local Settings Change

The display of a Time field format depends on the user's locale settings, for example defaulting to either:

  • 1:00 pm

  • or 13:00

Whichever is the standard time format in each member's locale.

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