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The Due Date field is one of many features designed to help work get done. Due Date fields must be linked to a Status field within an app. One of the Status field values is flagged as the "Complete" value for SmartSuite to track when work is done.

Due Date fields differ from standard Date fields by tracking the length of time (days) until work is due, how long it is overdue, and how early or how long past due it is marked as "complete".

Display Formats & Options

As with standard Date fields, Solution Managers should:

  • Choose the date format - Compact, Standard or Long. Standard is selected by default for new fields.

  • Select a Linked Status Field

  • Choose if the Due Date field should require an entry

Check out quick articles on Setting Default Field Values and Adding Help Text to fields.

How They're Used

Visualize Due Dates

SmartSuite tracks:

  • How long until work is due to be completed

  • How early work is completed before the due date

  • How long after the due date work is completed

Visually, each scenario is represented as below, with details displaying on hover.

Remember to avoid the angry sad face that displays when items are extremely overdue.

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