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How certain Fields help you manage projects and tasks

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While SmartSuite offers so much more than many other project management platforms, it is at the core of your work, and our work management tool is built to support just that with these Fields.

Assigned To πŸ‘₯

The Assigned To field assigns a record within a Table to one or many members

Assigned records:

  • Display in assigned members' My Work panel when linked to a Status field

  • Trigger Notifications to members

  • Are easily used in Automations to support process workflows

  • Roll up in Saved views to filter, sort, or craft personal views of assigned work

Due Date πŸ“…

Keep everything running smoothly by display due dates with the Due Date Field. You can also use this entry to indicate if a task or project is complete or running behind schedule.

Duration ⌚

Get a better handle on the timeline for tasks and team bandwidth with the Duration Field.

Percent Complete πŸ“Š

Keep work on-track with the Percent Complete Field. You can always check in on progress as your team updates this entry.

Status πŸ‘€

Keep an eye on the overall status of things with the Status Field. You can also link this Field with the Percentage Complete Field to automatically calculate progress.

Checklist πŸ—’οΈ

Create a list of to-dos to collaborate and manage tasks with the Checklist Field. You can make adding a checklist easy and fast by setting up default checklists that can be added to new Records.

Time Tracking Log ⏱️

Track who performed work and for how long with the Time Tracking Log Field.


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