SmartDoc Features
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SmartDoc Feature: Activity HistorySee how your SmartDoc has been edited (and by whom!) over time
SmartDoc Feature: The '/' (Slash Command)A quick and easy way to add advanced embeds and markup to your SmartDoc
SmartDoc: @mentionsMention and communicate with SmartSuite members and teams directly inside of rich text SmartDocs
SmartDoc Feature: TablesAdd configurable tables to your documents to get organized and make your data look great
SmartDoc Feature: Table of ContentsHelp readers navigate large documents with an automatically-generated list of SmartDoc headings
SmartDoc Feature: CalloutsVisually improve the presentation of your information with callouts
SmartDoc Feature: Code BlocksHelp your code stand out from your content with code blocks
SmartDoc Field: Embed VideosEmbed videos directly into SmartDocs
SmartDoc Feature: LinksEmbed links to SmartSuite content records, saved views or external URLs
SmartDoc Feature: ImagesAdd, resize and position images in a SmartDoc to illustrate your ideas
SmartDoc Feature: FormattingAdd emphasis and call attention to your content with SmartDoc formatting
SmartDoc Feature: File AttachmentsAccess files directly in-line with relevant information
SmartDoc Feature: EmojiUse emoji and symbols to add emotion and character to your SmartDoc
SmartDoc: Using MarkdownShortcuts to formatting and embed functions to streamline your SmartDoc editing
SmartDoc Hot KeysFaster commands in SmartDocs
SmartDoc: Collaborative Mode
SmartDoc: Whiteboard FeatureLevel up your SmartDoc field by using an embedded whiteboarding capability!
SmartDoc: Export to PDF