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Use emoji and symbols to add emotion and character to your SmartDoc

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Emojis have become part of our lives, with people constantly using them on their mobile devices. Why not use them to liven up your SmartDoc communication as well? You can make your content fun, or display characters that call attention to a particular area, convey emotion, and much more.

Should I use emoji in my work communications?

As much fun as emoji are, we at SmartSuite think that they can actually be used to get your work done. We use them all the time to react to things, quickly give the "ok" to an idea, or show someone that we appreciate their efforts.

Here are a few that we use all the time:

  • πŸ‘ to communicate agreement or approval

  • πŸ‘ to give someone kudos

  • πŸ‘Œ to say okay or that you understand

  • 🀷 to indicate you don't know the answer

Use your imagination, and you'll find that emoji are a great fit for your daily work routine (and they do make it just a bit more fun, too!)

Using Emoji in SmartDocs

Adding an Emoji

Emoji are added to text through markdown - in other words, you just type a particular series of characters.

The magic starts to happen when you type a colon : character followed by a descriptive word, like "thumb," "smile," or anything else you like.

If the word matches anything in the emoji library (each emoji has a descriptive name, and there are thousands of them) a menu will be displayed, like this:

See the words at the bottom of the drop-down? They are the terms that will display the current emoji when you type them after a colon.

Automatically-converted text

There are a handful of character combinations that automatically convert into emoji after you type them and hit the space key.

These cover the most common emoji, with smiley faces, thumbs-up and similar emoji just "auto-magically" converting as you type.

Here are a few examples:

  • :-) turns into πŸ˜ƒ

  • ;-) turns into πŸ˜‰

  • <3 turns into ❀️

  • x-) turns into πŸ˜†

Scroll down to the end of this article for a more complete list!

Formatting Emojis

So now that you've added emoji to your SmartDoc, what happens when they're part of an area that you apply formatting to? Maybe you give your paragraph a background color, or select a line of text that includes an emoji and make it a section header - what happens?

The emoji included in the text are formatted too, that's what! You can make emoji part of a header, apply background color, even make them italic or strike-through!

Deleting Emojis

Just like text, emoji are deleted when you backspace over them, click delete when the emoji is the character in front of your cursor, or when they are part of a block of text you highlight and click the delete key.

More Auto-Converted Emoji

Here is a more comprehensive list of text combinations that are automatically converted to emoji by the SmartDoc field:

angry:          >:(   or   >:-(
blush: :") or :-")
broken_heart: </3 or <\\3
confused: :/ or :-/ or :\\ or :-\\
cry: :'( or :'-( or :,( or :,-(
frowning: :( or :-(
heart: <3
imp: :( or :-(
innocent: o:) or O:) or o:-) or O:-)
joy: :') or :'-) or :,) or :,-)
kissing: :* or :-*
laughing: x-) or X-) or :> or :->
neutral_face: ':| or :-|
open_mouth: :o or :-o or :O or :-O
rage: :@ or :-@
smile: :D or :-D or C: or c:
smiley: :) or :-) or =) or =-)
smiling_imp: :) or :-)
sob: ;( or ;-(
tongue out: :P or :-P or :p or :-p
sunglasses: 8-) or B-) or 8)
sweat: :( or :-(
sweat_smile: :) or :-)
not amused: :s or :-S or :z or :-Z
wink: ;) or ;-)
kissing_heart: :* or :* or :-*
slight smile: :) or :) or (: or :-)
tongue out: ;p or ;p or ;-p or ;b
disappointed: ): or ): or :( or :-(
anguished: D: or D:

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