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Embed links to SmartSuite content records, saved views or external URLs

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SmartDocs make it as easy as possible to link to content that you have created in other locations, whether it is inside SmartSuite or on an external site. You can quickly create a link to another specific SmartSuite record, or point to an entire saved view to pull up your marketing programs or IT projects with a click.

Why link to SmartSuite or external content in my SmartDoc?

As you use SmartSuite for more and more of the work that you do, you'll find many opportunities to refer to other content that exists in different areas of your Solutions. Allowing Members to link to records, saved views or even external content ensures that readers have all the context they need to get their work done efficiently.

Here are a few ways linked content could work for you:

  • Link to Internal sites or existing documents that sit in a Google Drive or other online location.

  • Insert a record link to an upcoming software enhancement when documenting the response to a customer inquiry.

  • Link a SmartSuite saved view that contains sales information when you're filling out a self-assessment record.

  • Create links to policy and procedure records that you can embed into a SmartDocs that detail your organization's standard operating procedures.

  • And so much more!

Working with SmartDoc Links

Adding a link to a SmartSuite record

There are two ways to add a link to another SmartSuite record: through the slash-command menu, or through text "markdown."

Via slash-command menu:

This slash-command option inserts a clickable link to a specific SmartSuite record. Configuration requires only a couple of steps:

  1. Type / at the beginning of a line or after a space

  2. Select Link to a Record

  3. Select the record you want to link to

Via text markdown:

You can open the Link to Record dialog anywhere within a SmartDoc by typing a hashtag # symbol. Pick a record and the link is inserted right there!

Adding a link to a SmartSuite saved view

This option is coming soon!

Linking to an external Website (URL)

There are two ways to add a link to an external Website or URL: simply type in a web address, or use the SmartDoc formatting menu.

Type an external link:

Just start typing! If the text you enter is a valid URL, it will automatically be formatted as a clickable link (with its favicon displayed as well):

Link from the formatting menu:

You can use this approach to add links to existing text. This is particularly useful when you've got a long link and would prefer to show a shorter, more descriptive bit of text that serves as the link.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the text you want to attach the link to in your SmartDoc

  2. The formatting toolbar will appear over the highlighted text

  3. Click the link icon

  4. Specify the Website URL you want linked

  5. Click Enter or the Add Link button

Edit an existing external link:

You can click on an existing external link to view it's linked URL. To change the link:

  1. Click on the link to display its linked URL

  2. Click Edit

  3. Edit the Website address as needed

  4. Click Save

Opening a link

Opening a link couldn't be easier - just click it!

If the link is to a SmartSuite saved view or record, it will open that content in a dialog that appears over the current record. View the content, interact with the record or saved view (even edit it!) and then close it to return to your current record and SmartDoc content.

If the link is to an external site, clicking the link once will display the website address. Clicking the URL will open it in a new tab, which you will be taken to. Simply click back on the SmartSuite tab to return to your record.

Deleting a link

A link will be deleted by any of the following actions:

  • Backspacing over the link text

  • Hitting Delete if your cursor is in front of the link in your SmartDoc text

  • Clicking the Remove button that is displayed when you are viewing an external Website link (URL)

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