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SmartDoc Feature: The '/' (Slash Command)
SmartDoc Feature: The '/' (Slash Command)

A quick and easy way to add advanced embeds and markup to your SmartDoc

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SmartDoc has a lot of powerful formatting, display and embed options that you can take advantage of when authoring documents. We don't want to slow down the creative process, so most of these features can be accessed simply by typing a forward slash / either preceded by a space or on a new line.

Why the forward slash instead of a traditional toolbar or menu?

The short answer here is for speed, efficiency and ultimately convenience. We've found that once document creators are familiar with text shortcuts like the / command they don't want to go back.

For more on text shortcut commands (aka markdown) see this article.

Using Slash Commands

How the / works

As you're working in a SmartDoc you can use the / character at the beginning of a line to give you instant access to tables, links, image or attachment inserts and much more. The same command works in body text if it's preceded by a space (we don't want to pop open the menu if you're just trying to type yes/no or something similar!)

Following the / you can do one of two things:

  1. Start typing, and options that match your input will be displayed

  2. Scroll through the menu that is displayed to choose the element, formatting or embed you would like to add.

Available Slash Commands

The following list of slash commands are available. You can scroll to them and click to insert, or type part of their name to filter the list:

The Basics:

  • Insert Emoji - Use emoji to express emotions

  • Mention a Person/Team - Mention a person or team to send them a notification

  • Link to Record - Add a direct link to a Table's record

  • Insert Image - Add images to your page

  • Insert Attachment - Add attachments to your page

  • Insert Divider Line - Insert a divider line to break your document into sections

  • Insert Date - Insert a Date using a calendar picker


  • Insert Code Block - Display code with syntax highlighting

  • Insert Checklist - Manage a list of things that need to get done

  • Table of Contents - Shows the current headings in a clickable outline

  • Insert Table - Insert a table that supports advanced formatting

  • Insert Callout - Insert a callout to make something stand out


Q: I need to type a forward slash as part of my text. Can I?

A: You sure can, the menu is only triggered if the slash is at the beginning of a line or follows a Space.

Q. I triggered the menu but don't want to pick an item. What do I do?

A: If you keep typing the menu will disappear, either when nothing else in the menu matches what you typed, or when you hit the spacebar.

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