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SmartDoc Feature: File Attachments
SmartDoc Feature: File Attachments

Access files directly in-line with relevant information

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SmartDoc fields aren't just for text, you can add a wide variety of multimedia content to them. One of the most useful capabilities is their ability to accept file attachments directly in-line with other information, allowing Members access to images, documents and more.

Why would I want to attach files to my SmartDoc?

There are probably a million different scenarios where having documents available inline to a SmartDoc would be useful, but here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • Attach onboarding documents to a Member's HR record

  • Add schedules or other planning documents to a project record

  • Include technical specifications or design documents to a software development tracker

  • Store files sent by customers in a support record

  • ...and so much more!

Attaching Files in SmartDocs

Adding a new file attachment

There are two ways to add file attachments within a SmartDoc - either through the slash-command menu, or by dragging and dropping the file directly on the SmartDoc field.

Add from the slash-command menu

Here's how to add a File Attachment via the slash-command menu:

  1. Type a / character at the start of a new line or after a space

  2. Type all or part of the words insert attachment or scroll to the item with your mouse (it's in The Basics section)

  3. Click Insert Attachment

The file chooser will be displayed, like this:

Now, you have four (yes 4!) ways to add your file or files:

1 - Drag one or more files into the Select Files... window

Just grab your file (or a whole stack of them) and drop them anywhere in the upload window.

2 - Click the file + icon to select files from your local device

This will open your operating system's file chooser. Navigate to the file you want and select it (or select several to attach them all at once).

3 - Click the Dropbox icon to choose files from your Dropbox account

To add files from Dropbox, you will first have to log in to your Dropbox account. The following screen is displayed initially:

Click Connect Dropbox and follow the instructions to log into your account. From there you will be able to navigate your Dropbox files and select one or more files to attach.

4 - Click the Google Drive icon to choose files from your Google Drive

Just like with Dropbox, attaching files from your Google drive requires you to first log in. Click on Sign in with Google and follow the instructions to log in, and then select your desired files.

Add by drag-and-drop

You can add an Attachment by dragging it from your desktop or file browser directly onto the SmartDoc field.

The Attachment will be added to your SmartDoc at the location you drop it, with the file labeled as it was on your operating system (including the file extension).

Here's how it will look:

It is important to note that image files (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG etc) will be attached as images if they are dragged onto a SmartDoc field, with the image displayed in the document. If you want to add an image file and display it as a file name, you have to add it through the Insert Attachment slash-command.

Downloading an Attachment

Downloading an attachment is easy, just click on the file name. It will immediately start downloading through your Web browser's download function - generally the file is displayed in the browser's footer, like in the image below:

Deleting an Attachment

If you don't need an Attachment anymore you can easily remove it from your SmartDoc just like it was text. You can:

  • Highlight it and click the Delete key

  • Backspace over the file name

  • Hit the delete key if your cursor is immediately behind the file name

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