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Embed videos directly into SmartDocs

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Attaching/embedding videos in SmartDocs can be useful in displaying visual content or demonstrations related to the record item. Some great use cases include:

  • Onboarding/training videos

  • Marketing content video drafts

  • HR Compliance videos

  • Downloaded zoom meetings/events

Embedding a video in SmartDocs

There are two ways to add videos to your SmartDoc, the slash-command menu and by drag-and-drop.

Adding a video from the slash-command menu:

  1. Type a / character at the start of a new line or after a space

  2. Click Insert Video

  3. Select a file to upload

You are also able to easily drag and drop the video into the SmartDoc.

You can pick from the following alignment options:

  1. Align Left - Aligns the video to the left of the SmartDoc

  2. Align Center (default) - Aligns the video to the center of the SmartDoc

  3. Align Right - Aligns the video to the right of the SmartDoc

To see the video(s) that you've attached full size, just click on the expand icon.

If you select the three-dot menu you are presented with the option to download, playback speed, or picture in picture.

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