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SmartDoc Feature: Activity History
SmartDoc Feature: Activity History

See how your SmartDoc has been edited (and by whom!) over time

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SmartDocs are generally not used to hold completely static content - they evolve and change over time. See that progression in SmartSuite's Activity History, where each change to SmartDoc content is tracked - tagged with the date and time of the change, the Member who made the change, and then the before and after state of the SmartDoc.

How far back does SmartDoc history go?

Every change to your SmartDoc is stored, along with the additional data about who changed it and when for a minimum of six months. The actual retention period for your specific SmartDoc depends on your SmartSuite Subscription Plan:

  • Free Forever Plan - 14 days of activity history

  • Team Plan - 6 months of activity history

  • Professional Plan - 18 months of activity history

  • Enterprise Plan - 3 years of activity history

Displaying SmartDoc activity history

You can quickly access the activity history for a specific SmartDoc field from record display view. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the record containing the SmartDoc field in record display mode

  2. Click the icon in the top right portion of the view that looks like a small clock (a message displaying "View Activity History" will pop up on hover)

  3. The Activity History panel will open

  4. Expand items labeled [SmartDoc Name] field to see updates to the SmartDoc

Elements of SmartDoc activity history

You get a lot of information about each SmartDoc field update. Here are the elements of each history entry:

  • SmartDoc Field Name - The name of the SmartDoc field that was updated

  • Change Timeframe - The timeframe in which the change was made (these are dynamic categories that allow you to collapse older updates, expanding them only when you need the information)

  • Who Updated - Who made the update

  • When Updated - What date and time the update was made (shown in the current Member's time zone)

  • Details of Update - Clicking the down arrow will expand details of the update

SmartDoc activity history detail

Change detail shows you every last bit of content that was added, modified or deleted. Deletions and changed elements are highlighted in red, and additions are highlighted in green.

The detail pane will look something like this:

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