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Level up your SmartDoc field by using an embedded whiteboarding capability!

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If you're eager to enhance your records with captivating visuals, look no further! Our SmartDoc field now support a Whiteboard tool directly within the field. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of using Whiteboards to its fullest potential.

Getting Started

Inside of a SmartDoc field, you can use the / (Slash) command to bring up a list of options. Scroll to the very bottom where you can select the Whiteboard tool. Upon entering the Whiteboard tool section, you'll encounter a blank canvas. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the user interface.

  • White Canvas: This is your workspace, ready for your creative input.

When you have saved your changes the the whiteboard, it will appear as a static image in your SmartDoc. Its display can be sized, just like any other embedded image, but clicking on it will open it up in edit mode.

You also have options for alignment, allowing you to place the image on the left, center or right of the display area.

Basic Drawing Options

To unleash your creativity, follow these steps:

  1. Click and Drag: Simply click and drag your cursor on the canvas to start drawing. The Whiteboard features a simple and minimalist drawing style.

  2. Tool Selection: Utilize the top-right toolbar to choose different shapes like rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, and text.

  3. Experiment: Get comfortable with the various drawing tools and options available.

Additional Drawing Features

Explore additional functionalities to enhance your drawings:

  • Layering: Arrange elements in front or behind others using the “Move to Front” and “Move to Back” options in the context menu (right-click on an object).

  • Duplication: Copy an object by selecting it and choosing “Duplicate” in the context menu. Useful for creating multiple similar shapes.

  • Grouping: Select multiple objects, right-click, and choose “Group” to treat them as a single entity.

  • Alignment and Distribution: Organize your elements neatly. Select multiple objects, right-click, and choose options like aligning horizontally or distributing vertically.


Make your drawings visually appealing with customization options:

  • Right Sidebar: Customize stroke widths, colors, and opacity levels.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts. Press “?” on your keyboard to view the list of available shortcuts. Some common ones include “V” for the pointer tool, “R” for rectangles, “A” for arrows, and “T” for adding text.

Export and Sharing

When you're satisfied with your creation:

Click on the button with the 3 lines on the top left corner. You'll be presented with two main options.

If you choose to "Save to..." you'll be presented with a dialog box to save the entire scene and be able to upload it into another Whiteboard maintaining all elements and settings.

If you choose "Export image...", you'll be presented with a dialog box and additional options like Dark Mode or Scale. This is the main option you'll be choosing if you want to share with others or creating an image that you can insert into presentations, other records, or even a Solution Guide.

Advanced Features

Using Data from the Record

Inside of the same 3 line menu in the top right, you'll see the section called "Embed Record Field". This feature allows you to embed dynamic elements of the field values directly into your whiteboard tool, which you can then customize to fit the design you're putting together.


The library, located in the top right of the Whiteboard tool, allows you to easily save and select item added to your library either from the canvas or items you've downloaded from a public repository. These libraries allow you to make sure your designs stay not only consistent, but easily reproducible as you use this across all of your SmartDoc fields! You can even click and drag to select multiple elements and add them to your library as a bundle, effectively creating a template.

💡SmartTip: To easily add an Excalidraw Library to your Whiteboard, you'll want to select Download on the website. Once it's been downloaded you can click the 3 dot menu inside your library, choose Open, and select the file that you just downloaded from the Excalidraw website.

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