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Product Updates: June 2023 Edition
Product Updates: June 2023 Edition

Grid View updates, Shareable Card Views, Condition Logic in Forms, Array & Lookup Formulas, and more!

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Grid View Updates: Copy, Paste, and Delete Cells

Copy, paste, and delete cells just like you would in a spreadsheet

The addition of bulk paste capability to the Grid View allows you to easily paste data copied from tools like Excel, Sheets, and Numbers, making it easy to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily.

And the best part - our system is smart enough to understand that a pasted value is a table and automatically spreads it across multiple rows and columns.

To initiate the import process, users can simply highlight any cell in the grid and hit Cmd/Ctrl+V. This ensures that the import process does not affect any of the cells located to the left of the selected cell or any rows located above the selected row. This allows you to paste data into any location in the grid without disrupting existing data that you don't want to replace.

Shareable Card Views

Shared Card Views allow you to easily share information with co-workers, colleagues or clients - whether they are members of your SmartSuite workspace or not. You select the view that you would like to share, and just click the Share View button. You can copy the link to include it in an instant message, an email, or even a SmartSuite automated action.

We’ve seen them used for some of these purposes:

  • Sharing customer feedback and comments

  • Providing status updates to clients

  • Digital marketing agencies sharing drafts with their customers

  • Sharing of anonymous feedback with employees

  • Providing assessment or audit data to third parties

  • Delivering summary reports to senior management

Shared Cards are presented to users as Web pages that display correctly on any device. You can even include the contents of a Shared Card View in a Custom HTML Widget in a SmartSuite dashboard.

Paste Columns Into Another Table

Ability to paste entire columns into a new Table

A significant breakthrough is the ability to paste entire columns into a new Table. With this update, creating corresponding columns in the new Table beforehand isn't necessary anymore. Note that it initially creates these as text fields, but you can quickly modify them to match the original field types. It's another step toward making your workflow smoother and faster.

Conditional Logic in Form View

Define visibility based on conditional logic

Conditions in forms allow certain fields or sections to appear or hide based on what the person filling out the form has already answered in previous questions. This means that fields related to specific conditions will only show up when those conditions are met. This makes the form-filling process smoother because people don't have to deal with irrelevant questions or groups of questions.

If you have many similar forms for different teams or stages in your workflow, using conditional form fields lets you create one flexible form that adjusts itself based on the team or project stage you choose.

Multiple Completed Statuses

Flexibility to mark a project as completed in various situations

Another useful update comes in the form of multiple completed statuses. This gives you the flexibility to mark a project as completed in various situations like 'achieved', 'on hold', or 'canceled'. It's a small yet impactful feature that caters to the complexity and diversity of your workflows.

Array and Lookup Formulas

Retrieve an array of values from a linked record

June brought along an array of new formulas for SmartSuite, specifically array join and array unique, which help retrieve an array of values from a linked record. Also, lookup functions can take in data from lookups to provide valuable insights. Be sure to check out our future videos for more details on these functions.

Personalized Record Naming

Change the default name for records to match your workflow

SmartSuite introduces a new feature that allows you to personalize the terminology used within your Table. This feature lets you replace the default term "record" with a term of your choice, such as "project," to better align with the scope of your specific Table. This customization will affect various elements throughout the Table, including buttons, dialogue messages, tooltips, and more.

Once you've customized the terminology, the term "record" will be completely replaced with your chosen term (ie project) within your Table.

Record: Save and Continue

We are constantly striving to streamline your workflow. With the new "Save and Continue" feature, you can now swiftly move through your records, saving each update as you go along.

Within the record view next to the save button there is now a ▼ that you can click to see various Save and Continue options or use the provided hotkeys:

Save and continue working:

  • Mac: Cmd + S

  • Windows: Ctrl + S

Save and continue to next record:

  • Mac: Cmd + R

  • Windows: Ctrl + R

Save and continue to previous record:

  • Mac: Cmd + L

  • Windows: Ctrl + L

Permissions: Assignee+

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure data security and privacy, we're excited to introduce Assignee+ permissions. This allows users to assign tasks and grant access at a more granular level. The Members or Teams can view and edit content they have been assigned and create new content that is auto-assigned to them, but cannot view or edit any other content.

Other Notable Enhancements


  • Percent and Percent Complete fields are now treated as decimals.

  • Added support for Linked Records fields in SUMIF functions.

  • Added the NUMBER() function, which turns a string to a number.

  • A zero value is no longer treated as null.

  • Dividing by zero now returns an empty value.

Grid View

  • You can now deselect cells even when clicking outside of the grid area.

  • Cells and columns can be selected by clicking on a point and then holding down the Shift key when clicking a second point.


  • Added mobile push notifications for Android and iOS

  • Added notifications for automation failure, when a record is restored, and when your invite is accepted by another user.

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