The addition of bulk paste capability to the Grid View allows you to easily paste data copied from tools like Excel, Sheets, and Numbers, making it easy to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily.

And the best part - our system is smart enough to understand that a pasted value is a table and automatically spreads it across multiple rows and columns.

To initiate the import process, users can simply highlight any cell in the grid and hit Cmd/Ctrl+V. This ensures that the import process does not affect any of the cells located to the left of the selected cell or any rows located above the selected row. This allows you to paste data into any location in the grid without disrupting existing data that you don't want to replace.

The maximum number of pasted rows is limited to the maximum number of records supported by the App.

The maximum number of pasted columns will depend on the particular grid, giving you the flexibility to import data into any grid. Additionally, data is only pasted into visible columns, allowing you to pick the specific fields you want to update.

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