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Conditional Fields & Sections in Forms
Conditional Fields & Sections in Forms

Learn how to set conditional rules in your forms to only show fields or sections when they're needed.

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Conditions in forms allow certain fields or sections to appear or hide based on what the person filling out the form has already answered in previous questions. This means that fields related to specific conditions will only show up when those conditions are met. This makes the form-filling process smoother because people don't have to deal with irrelevant questions or groups of questions.

If you have many similar forms for different teams or stages in your workflow, using conditional form fields lets you create one flexible form that adjusts itself based on the team or project stage you choose.

Using Conditional Fields in Forms

Using conditions in forms is a straightforward process. After you’ve added fields to your form, you are able to specify the conditions that control their display.

To add conditions to the field, click on the field to view the condition display settings. The "Show field only when conditions are met" option will be unchecked by default.

Once the box is checked, you can "Add a condition" by choosing the field, operator, and the comparison value.

For example, you may only want to show the Assigned to "Designer" field if the type of Project selection field is "Design." The Project type fields is the fields we want to look for, we will use the "is" operator, and "design" is the value we are comparing.

The Designer field will ONLY show when the project type "Design" is selected.

Note: A field can only be used in a condition if it comes prior to the field you are adding the condition to.

You also have the ability to combine conditions together with conjunctions (the "AND" and "OR" operators), creating a conditional group.

For example, in the below condition group, we have now combined two conditions:

1. The Project Type is Internal AND

2. Total Budget is greater than $1000.

In order for the Project Manager field to display the Project Type must be selected as Internal and the Total Budget must be larger than $1000.

Adding a Conditional Section

You also have the ability to create conditional sections that will apply to a grouping of fields.

On the left-hand panel, select "Section" under Form Elements

A new Section block will display for you to drag and drop. Give your section a title by clicking on the Heading and typing in the title box. You also have the ability to create a description for the section.

Next, drag and drop the fields you would like to display under the section.

Just as you would for fields, you can then set the condition that will display the fields in the section.

For example, you could only show the "Project Request Section" that including the Project Documents and Project Description field when the Project Type is Internal.

The Project Request Section and the fields within it will only display if the Project Type is selected as internal.

As with field conditions, you can create a conditional group that will display the section and its fields only if both conditions are met.

For example, if the Project Type is Internal and the Project Team contains "Emma."
This section and its fields will only show when this set of conditions is met.

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