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Product Updates: May 2023 Edition
Product Updates: May 2023 Edition

Conditional Rollups & Lookups, Guest Role Status Change, Drag & Auto-Populate, and more!

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Let's dive into some of the exciting product updates we released this month including Conditional Rollups & Lookups, Communication Center Updates, and drag & auto-populate values, and Guest role status changes.

Conditional Rollups & Lookups

You can now apply filters to Rollup and Lookup field types

SmartSuite's new Conditional Rollups and Lookups feature allows users to specify multiple conditions for any filter. This means that users can set calculations to only consider records that meet specific criteria. For example, a user can create a count of all outstanding tasks by setting the calculation to only consider order records where the status is not "Client Approved" and the Due Date is before Today. This feature makes it easier to analyze and manage data in SmartSuite.

Communication Center Updates

You can now create and manage email templates

SmartSuite's Communication Center now includes email templates, file and images fields in the attachment template control, and replies to emails generating in-app notifications in the Notification Center. These updates make it easier to communicate with team members, share files and images, and stay informed of email replies.

Enabling Email Communication

Open the Settings panel in Communication Center and toggle the Emails option on to enable email messaging. With email enabled users can easily see all of their comments and emails in one place, or choose to sort them separately. Users can send new email messages and can use pre-created templates and content from the record to enhance their message. All replies are automatically brought back into the Communication Center and are displayed in the record the original email was sent from.

Sending an Email

SmartSuite's Communication Center not only enables users to send and receive emails but also streamlines the communication process with pre-created templates. These templates can be fully customized with text, formatting, fields of information, and even attachments to enhance the message being sent. Once the template is created, users can select it from the list and the information will automatically populate the email. Users then have the option to make modifications before sending the email.

Managing Templates

Users have the ability to turn any email they're creating into a template or create/manage templates from the template management UI. This allows for efficient and consistent communication processes, especially for teams with a high volume of similar messages.

Fill Handle

SmartSuite's Grid View now includes the ability to drag and auto-populate cells - using a fil handle

Users can select one or more cells and drag them vertically or horizontally to populate matching fields. This feature streamlines data entry and saves time when updating multiple records.

Guest Role: Status Change in My Work, Record, and Grid View

Guest users can now edit statuses and add comments to records they have been assigned

Guest Users can now update the status of their projects and tasks without relying on a paid user to make changes for them. Guests can change the status field from their My Work section and in both the Record or Grid View for the records they are assigned to. This feature allows guests to update their work status and keep everyone on the team up-to-date. This feature improves collaboration and streamlines the workflow, making it easier for users to track the progress of their projects and tasks.

New Automaiton Action - Google Calendar Event

Sync your Google Calendar with SmartSuite

You can now create and update existing events on your Google Calendar based on a trigger in SmartSuite.

SmartSuite WeWeb Partnership

Build custom websites and client portals using SmartSuite as the data source.

We are excited to announce our partnership with WeWeb, a powerful software that offers a unique combination of low-code and no-code customization capabilities. Customers and partners can now deploy custom front-end applications using the power of low-code with SmartSuite data.

WeWeb pulls in SmartSuite data, making it the first front-end application with this capability. WeWeb creates, updates, and edits SmartSuite records bidirectionally, providing a seamless sync between the two platforms.

As our first partnership and integration with a front-end application, we are excited to be working with the WeWeb team to offer this joint capability to our customers.

Adding a New Field: Record View Updates

Quickly add new fields in Record View

An "Add New Field" icon (+) has been added to the right of all fields within a Record view. This provides an even faster way to add fields as you are working within records.

Migrations from Text Field to Most Frequently Used Field Types

Convert text fields to the most frequently used field types.

A Text Field can now be migrated to a Number, Date, Link, Email, Assigned To, Linked Record, Status, and Single and Multiple Select Field type.

Chart & Chart Widgets

New customization options for charts and chart widgets

Pick colors of your preference for chart segments in the legend. We also added support for (almost) all Text and Numeric fields in the Group By control.

Files & Images

You now have the ability to zoom in/out for PDFs in the Gallery.

Automation Run History

Detailed information about trigger, action, and field value updates are available in a History report

View our product roadmap to see all exciting enhancements planned and in progress or to make a feature request of your own!

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