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Product Updates: September 2022 Edition
Product Updates: September 2022 Edition

Bulk Field Updates • Forms • Add Fields in Record View • Automation Triggers/Actions • Ply Relationship - and more!

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Bulk Field Updates

Quickly update multiple fields at once

Another bulk action available in SmartSuite you have been asking can now update fields in bulk directly in Grid view. After selecting the desired records by clicking on the checkbox to the record's left side (or clicking the checkbox in the header to select/deselect all records), simply change the value of a field in one of the selected records and see the rest change automatically!

Other available bulk actions include:

Bulk Print

  • This action allows you to print the selected records, filtering out the unselected items. The print function is otherwise the same as printing all of the displayed records in the grid.

Bulk Export

  • The bulk export action allows you to select just the records you need, sending them to a downloadable PDF, Excel or CSV document - or alternatively saving them as a Google Sheet.

Bulk Delete

  • The delete action lets you send the selected records to the recycle bin. They can still be restored just like individually deleted records if you need them back.

Form Updates

SmartSuite's Form View has been enhanced to support customizing the image displayed at the top of the form. Additionally, several new field types are supported in Form View. Read on for all of the details.

Custom Logo's

Make the forms you create in SmartSuite your own. Personalize your SmartSuite forms by adding a custom logo.

If you prefer to use your own branding on the form, just click on the SmartSuite logo at the top of the form to edit it and upload your own. Simply click on the default SmartSuite logo and a window will open for you to upload your own logo file or drag and drop it.

Linked Record, Full Name, Address, and Signature Fields in Forms

Linked record, Full Name, Address, and Signature fields are now available to include in your custom SmartSuite forms. Select the relevant "link" with just one click without the need to re-enter the related detailed information and easy viewing access. Include contacts or clients' Full Name, validate any address, and use forms to collect signatures.

Reasons you may want to use these fields in forms include:

  • Linked Record Field: Include a linked record to detailed information outside the form. For example, in an event planning sign-up form, you could use the linked record to link to the relevant event.

  • Address Field: Collect accurate addresses through data validation to include in your forms.

  • Full Name Field: This may be useful to create validated contact lists for your data gathering.

  • Signature Field: Use the signature field to use forms for order requests, invoices, and more.

Add fields in Record View

Speed up the process of customizing your workflows in Record View by clicking on the + Add New field to this Table button at the bottom of the open record to add a new field.

Ability to lock Views

Locked Views are available on the Professional and Enterprise Plan.

As a View Creator, a Solution Manager, and a Workspace Admin, you can now lock your Saved View so others are not able to make changes to them, preventing them from altering the view's configuration and customizable elements.

This feature is especially useful when adjustments to the Saved View may be disruptive to the view's purpose and the team's workflow. This can also prevent other members from unintentionally editing the views.

As displayed above, to lock a Saved View, simply click on the View dropdown, hover over the Saved View you wish to lock, click on the 3 dot menu, and hover over Public View.

The Locked views are marked with the locked icon. If granted the right permissions, you can unlock the view from the 3 dot menu at any time.

New Automation Triggers: At a scheduled time, Checklists

At a Scheduled Time Trigger

This trigger runs at a specific interval, frequency, starting date, or once - under the conditions you define. You can select from several interval type options to match the frequency your task requires.

This trigger is perfect for a wide variety of use cases. Create a weekly review record for your team, update a project record with new dates and estimates on a monthly basis, or create records that capture quarterly statistics as a snapshot of progress to date. If it happens on a scheduled basis, this trigger will streamline your work and eliminate manual, error-prone tasks from your workflow.

Interval types

  • Minutes

  • Hours

  • Days

  • Weeks

  • Months

  • One time

Select the frequency of occurrence for the At a Scheduled Time trigger; for example, every x # of minutes, hours, or days, at what specific time, and an initial starting date. Specify any conditions that must be matched to trigger the selected action.

Percent Complete Condition

Automation triggers now support Checklist Field percent complete in their conditions, allowing you to take action at completion milestones.

Checklist Conditions

  • All Items Resolved. Match Checklists that have all of their tasks completed.

  • Not All Items Resolved. Match Checklists that have at least one incomplete task.

  • Percent Complete is Greater Than. Match Checklists with a percentage of tasks complete that is higher than a specified value.

  • Percent Complete is Less Than. Match Checklists with a percentages of tasks complete less than a specified value.

Count & Rollups click through

View the data in your count and rollup fields

Dig into the data that makes up your more advanced fields. If you click on any count or rollup, a display will open that shows you all Linked Records that are associated with it.

Find Records Through Zapier

The Record Find action in Zapier allows you to look up a record or list of records by name, which you can then pass to an update action. Lists of records are returned as Zapier "line items" which can be processed by subsequent line item-compatible Zap actions.

Mobile Updates

Improved record editing

Add new content and updated field types with fewer clicks to work even faster on the go.

Single-Sign On: SSO is now available on your mobile device

For SmartSuite Enterprise plan customers, we've enhanced our iOS and Android clients to support SSO login. This allows enterprises to offer their users a consistent experience regardless of the client they use to access SmartSuite, supports company security standards, and removes the friction of managing separate logins from the end user experience.

Other Notable Enhancements

Plans & Billing

  • Introduced the Free Plan allowing users to use SmartSuite in a limited version after their trial accounts get expired.

Workspace Settings

  • The ability to add a workspace logo is now available only on the Home Page. The corresponding section has been removed from the Workspace Settings under the Workspace Administration page.

Assigned To Field

  • The ability to select a current user as a filtering and spotlight option is now available for all criteria for the field. Previously, current user could be selected only for the ‘is exactly’ criteria.

Activity History

  • Changes made via import are now tracked in Activity History.

Grid View

  • Updated the behavior of most of the field types so they react on hovering and selecting in a user-friendly manner without the need of extra clicking.

  • The cell becomes unselected when clicking on any place within the grid. Previously, user was able to deselect a cell only when clicking outside the entire grid.

  • When in Grid View, a record can be added with the Shift+Enter hotkey.

  • Records that are newly-created via inline editing can now be expanded right after creation. Previously, user had to save the record to have it opened.


  • Added support for SmartDoc formatting and features to the Text Block widget.

Edit Record

  • Updated the size of the record modal for the 50/50 layout according to the screen resolution so all elements are seen without distortion.

  • Field settings can be now opened with a double-click on the field name in the record modal.

  • Added ability to create new fields via a designated button in the bottom of the record modal.

  • When a record gets deleted, a corresponding notification is now shown in the left bottom corner of the screen.

Formula Field

  • When clicking on a typed function within the editor, help text is now displayed immediately. Previously, user had to select the function in the side panel.

Public API

  • Added hydrated=true parameter to the API that allows to return arrays of key/value pairs containing the id and label/name value for each item. It’s available for the Linked Record field. Previously, an array of ids was return and user had to make several requests to render UI.

Single and Multiple Selects Fields

  • Added ability to add new choices when typing a text in the search box. If there’s no option that corresponds to the search criteria, the user is suggested to create a new one. This feature is available only if addition of new field choices is allowed in the field settings.

Slack Automation Action

  • A customized RTE toolbar has been added to the field ‘Message’ in Action: Slack: Send a message. The message to be sent to Slack as a result of the Automation firing has enabled rich text capabilities supported by Slack.

System User

  • The new SmartSuite role of System User has been introduced in Automations. We have added the ability for the system to be able to perform impersonal actions on behalf of System members so that they were not depended or linked to particular account members

Active states and auto opening of dropdowns

  • When clicking into a field input area Users are now able to see the field input in an active state and the field dropdown auto-opened when adding a new field in the action. This eliminates an extra click for the user.

Teams are supported in the following actions: Send Notification; Gmail: Send an Email; Twilio:

  • Send SMS. Users are able to add Teams to input via automation’s action and set up workflows using the Assigned to Teams functionality.

Custom message

  • Admin user setting up an automation is able to define a message to be sent as an in-app notification on behalf the automation, so that it gets sent to all selected SmartSuite members.

Request button

  • The “Request” button has been added to the bottom of trigger/action dropdown menu providing a possibility to request a new Trigger/Action if the user doesn’t see one in the list provided. Clicking the ‘Request’ button is redirecting the user to the Intercom Help Panel.

Help References

  • All Automations’ help references (where the question mark is displayed) now open the help articles in the Intercom modal within the page and not in a separate browser window. This will allow our customers to stay on the page they are accessing to view help articles.

Change Requests, UI, and Functional Enhancements

  • The change has been implemented for the triggers/actions name to fit one line, now the triggers/actions tiles have enough room to display a name of a related Table

  • UI updates of the “field picker” - the field picker dropdown is now displayed in consistency with other dropdowns in the Table (with a wide line on top)

  • Adding support of a Link option in the toolbar menu of SmartDoc

  • AND/OR switcher appearing in Conditions when there are more than 1 condition that has been changed to a toggle (not a button)

  • The custom phrase builder was implemented for the SmartDoc input

  • The tooltips in Actions/Triggers have been changed to “regular side tooltips” and the ability to redirect the user to the Intercom modal on click has been added

View our product roadmap to see all exciting enhancements planned and in progress or to make a feature request of your own!

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