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Product Updates: December 2022 Edition
Product Updates: December 2022 Edition

Button Field • Field Permissions • New Automation Actions • • Auto Time-tracking • Share Solutions • View Folders, and more!

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Button Field Type

Added a new button field type that allows you to trigger actions directly from a View or Record

Button fields in SmartSuite allow users to add actions to their views and records, giving them control over when the action is triggered.

Currently, the Open URL action is available, which opens a specified URL in a new tab when clicked. This URL can be static or dynamic, using values from other fields in the record. In the future, additional action types will be added, including the ability to send emails, perform record operations, and trigger automations.

The button field's Properties page allows the user to configure the display format, button label, button color, and the desired action. The Open URL action can be set to either a static URL or a dynamic URL using the SmartSuite Formula Builder, which allows the user to combine field values, operators, functions, and text to create a customized link.

Field Permissions

You can now control permissions at the field level, by selecting members or teams that can view and/or edit specific fields.

Field-level permissions allow solution managers to define granular permissions for individual fields in their Table. This feature allows managers to control who can view and edit specific fields within the Table and works in combination with Table-level permissions.

There are two aspects of field permissions: defining who can view the field's value and defining who can edit the field's value.

Solution managers can control who can view and/or edit the value of a specific field by selecting from the following options:

  • Everyone (by default)

  • Everyone except

  • Selected Members and Teams

  • Nobody

Field permissions can be useful in situations where a broad population of users need access to some fields but not the internal workings of a department or team.

To configure field permissions, the Solution Manager must click on the field dropdown for the desired field, select "Edit Field Permissions," and choose from the available options for viewing and editing permissions. These changes will instantly be applied upon saved, and the field permission configuration can be changed at any time.

New Integrations

The following new automation actions are now available Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Intercom, Outlook, and Salesforce.

The beta release of SmartSuite includes several automation integrations with popular productivity tools, such as Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Intercom, Outlook, and Salesforce. With these integrations, users can perform a variety of actions, including sending emails through Outlook, adding rows to Google Sheets, creating new events in Google Calendar, creating contacts in Intercom, and creating or updating records in Salesforce.

Coming Soon: Google Drive, Hubspot, Jira, and Microsoft Teams

Find Records Action

When configuring an Automation, you can now use a “Find records” action. This will search for records matching specific conditions that you can specify within the action settings.

The "Find Record" action is a feature that allows you to build a list of one or more records that match specified conditions in a selected Solution and Table. The resulting list of records can then be used in a subsequent Update Records action to update fields in the matching record or records. The find can be configured by specifying the Solution and Table to perform the search on, optionally naming the search, specifying conditions for the find, and setting advanced settings such as limiting the number of records found and sorting the records by a specific field.

This feature can be useful in form submissions and support ticketing, where it can be used to find and update records with corresponding information, such as linking a submitted form to a contact or project record.

Make Integration

You can now use to connect SmartSuite to thousands of other products.

Connect SmartSuite to your favorite apps to bring in existing data and automate your workflows.

Time Tracking Log: Auto Timer

Our Time Tracking Log field type has been updated to support an "Auto Timer" feature.

A new timer tab has been added to the Time Tracking field which allows users to start a timer that records the amount of time they spend working on tasks and projects. The timer can be started by clicking the green play button, and users can also leave notes in a text box to indicate what they were working on.

A pill with the running time will be displayed in the bottom right corner as users access other records, tables, or solutions.

If the pill is clicked, the timer window will display and the timer can be stopped by clicking the red button. All of the recorded time will automatically be displayed in the time tracking log field.

Bulk Paste Data in Grid

We have made it easier to cut data from spreadsheets and other products and paste it directly into a Grid view.

The new bulk paste into Grid allows you to easily paste data copied from tools like Excel, Sheets, and Numbers, making it easy to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily. The best part is, our system is smart enough to understand that a pasted value is a table and automatically spreads it across multiple rows and columns.

To initiate the import process, users can simply highlight any cell in the grid and hit Cmd/Ctrl+V. This ensures that the import process does not affect any of the cells located to the left of the selected cell or any rows located above the selected row. This allows you to paste data into any location in the grid without disrupting any existing data. Even read-only cells can be pasted to, giving you the flexibility to import data to any location in the grid.

Data Import Improvements

Our Data Importer has been updated to handle larger data sets, perform more advanced data validation, and to auto-create fields within a Table.

SmartSuite's CSV Importer feature allows users to easily import data stored in a CSV file into SmartSuite records. The process is simple and straightforward, requiring just a few easy steps. Users can begin by clicking on the small arrow next to the Table's name, selecting Import Data, and then clicking on CSV Import. The Import dialog will then open, defaulting to the current Table as the import target.

Configuring the import parameters involves four steps: uploading the import file, mapping import columns to SmartSuite Fields or creating new fields, validating and cleaning up the data, and finally importing the data into SmartSuite. The import process supports various functionalities such as creating new records or updating existing ones, linking other records, and also importing Smartdoc fields that support HTML as its content

Dashboard: New Grid View Widget

You can now create and embed data in a grid display format, from any solution you have permission to access, within a Dashboard.

The Grid View Widget is the newest addition to the Dashboard gallery and allows for the visual display of Grid views in a read-only or editable state. You are able to select from the following display options:

The ability for users to inline edit directly from the Grid View widget, access to the report toolbar (to Group, Sort, Filter, Spotlight, or Find data), open the Record to display the Record view displays and limit the number of record results to be displayed

Publicly Share Solutions

You are now able to publically share a read-only version of a solution in the same way that you can share grid views.

‍Admins and Solution Managers can now share a read-only version of an entire solution via a link or by embedding it within a webpage. Includes the ability to require a passcode and also allows the user viewing the solution to download the structure and content - if this option has been enabled.

In the SmartSuite workspace, you can share a solution by clicking the "Share Solution" button in the dropdown menu of any solution. This will bring up a menu where you can get a link or embed code, allow users to view the solution, and copy it into another workspace.

Shared solutions can be secured with a password. If you allow users to copy the solution, they will see a "Copy Template" button when previewing it, which will allow them to choose a workspace where they have permission to add a solution.

Shared solutions will be indicated with icons on the home page and inside the solution.

Organize Views in Folders

Views can now be organized in Folders on our Professional & Enterprise plans.

The View folder feature allows users to organize saved views by storing them in folders. It is available for both Professional and Enterprise plans and can be created by clicking the "+" button next to the Public or Private view tab, selecting the New Folder option, and giving the folder a name. Views can be added to the folder by dragging and dropping them into it. Folders can be easily collapsed and expanded to keep the View dropdown organized.

Embed Videos in SmartDocs

The SmartDoc field type has been enhanced to support the embedding of videos.

In SmartDocs, you can attach or embed videos by using the slash-command menu or by drag-and-drop. To add a video using the slash-command menu, type a "/" character and select "Insert Video", then choose a file to upload. You can also drag and drop the video into the SmartDoc. Alignment options include left, center (default), or right. To view the video full size, click the expand icon.

The three-dot menu offers options to download, adjust playback speed, or view in picture-in-picture mode. Some potential uses for attaching or embedding videos in SmartDocs include onboarding or training videos, marketing content drafts, HR compliance videos, and downloaded Zoom meetings or events.

Right-Click Actions within Grid Views

A quick action menu is now available within Grid View.

You can now right-click (Control right-click on Mac) within any cell in the grid to open a menu that will let you open the record, insert a new row, share via email, copy the record URL, print, export, or delete the record. You have the following options on the right-click menu:

  • Open Record

  • Insert Record Above

  • Insert Record Below

  • Share by Email

  • Copy Link

  • Print

  • Export

  • Delete Record

Other Notable Enhancements

Formula Field:

  • Added support in Automation Triggers

Lookup Field:

  • Added support in Automation Triggers & Actions.

Full Name Field:

  • Added ability to modify/delete default titles.

Grid View:

  • When grouping is applied, a record counter for expanded groups is now displayed.

  • When a record is added inline and sorting is applied, users now get a notification that sorting will be applied and the placement of the newly-created record will be changed.

  • When a record is added via inline and a filter is applied, fields that are used in the filter are now filled out automatically in the newly-created record so that the record stays in the current view.

Calendar View:

  • Now displays a + sign on the hover of the cell in Month view.

View our product roadmap to see all exciting enhancements planned and in progress or to make a feature request of your own!

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