Saving a Record

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How to save a record

Clicking the Save button in any open record saves edits and closes the active window.

Content is not automatically saved when editing open records - users must click Save.

πŸ“ NOTE: Solution Managers who add or modify fields, or change a record layout in the open record window will notice their "structural" updates are saved immediately.

Use of the Save button in this article strictly apply to content within records.

How to Save and Continue

Within the record view next to the save button there is now a β–Ό that you can click to see various Save and Continue options or use the provided hotkeys:
Save and continue working:

  • Mac: Cmd + S

  • Windows: Ctrl + S

Save and continue to next record:

  • Mac: Cmd + R

  • Windows: Ctrl + R

Save and continue to previous record:

  • Mac: Cmd + L

  • Windows: Ctrl + L

How to remove changes made to a record

Clicking Cancel removes all changes made to a record and closes the window.

You'll receive a warning after making updates to a record and attempting to close out of the window without saving by clicking the X or clicking outside the record window.

Saving in Grid View

Grid View provides in-line edit capability that allows members to enter data just like in a spreadsheet, using enter, tab, arrow controls, and copy & paste. These actions are saved automatically in real-time.

We recommend in-line edit in Grid View when working with large data sets.

Saving in Kanban View

Kanban View supports quick updates to status / stage field values without opening a record. These updates are saved automatically.

You can add new records while simultaneously setting status in Kanban View.

Saving in Calendar View

Calendar View makes it easy to change the dates and times in records using drag & drop. These updates are saved automatically.

Move records directly in the Calendar:

Or drag & drop from the Record Listing panel:

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