Changing a Field's Type
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There are times when you might want to change a field's type but keep all of your data. Maybe you added a plain Text type field for storing a description, but now find that you want more space, the ability to attach images, and formatting options - things that you can get by changing to the SmartDoc field type. Don't worry, SmartSuite allows you to change the type on most fields!

Due to the types of information stored in SmartSuite's 44 field types, field type conversions are only possible to compatible types - you can't convert a Number field into a Date field, for example.

Working with Field Type

How do I change field type?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Modify Field Settings from the field's context menu

  2. Click the Field Type Selector and see available field type conversions.

  3. Select your desired field type.

  4. Make any desired updates to the new type's properties.

  5. Click Update Field to convert the field to the new type.

Field types and available conversions

Any field that can have its type changed can be converted into one of the following types:

  • Text

  • Text Area

  • SmartDoc

Other types may also be available depending on the kind of data the field holds, whether it contains text, numeric information or dates. For example, the Text Area field can be converted into these field types:




Single Select

Multiple Select


Due Date


Number Slider






Linked Record

Assigned To

Percent Complete


Note: When making this conversion, it will attempt to validate the information in the field with the field type selected. If the information can't be validated, it will be ignored and the field will still be converted.

Field types that cannot be converted

The Primary Field can never have it's type changed, it is always set to Text. In addition. there are a few fields that cannot be converted to another type due to the unique nature of their data, including:

  • Files and Images

  • Time Tracking Log

  • Record Id

  • Sub-Items

  • First Created

  • Last Updated

  • Auto-Number

If a field cannot be converted, a lock icon is displayed in the Type selector for the field, like this:

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