Conditions in Forms
Learn how to set conditional rules in your forms to only show fields when they're needed.
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What are Conditions in Forms?

Conditions in forms are a way to set specific conditions or parameters that must be met before displaying a certain field. This allows you to personalize how a form is completed, saving users time and effort. For example, if you have a Single Select field, you may want to ask a user a follow-up question based on their response and capture it using a Text Area field.

How to Use Conditions in Forms

Using conditions in forms is a straightforward process. After you’ve created the relevant fields, simply click on the field in the form you want to apply the condition to and select the “conditions” options. You’ll then see options for setting the necessary parameters — such as setting a specific “If” and an “Is equal to” option. This allows you to set the field to show only when the specified condition is met.

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