Automation Run History

Learn how to check your automation's run history logs.

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Checking an Automation's Run History

The Automation Run History is a convenient way to get a real-time snapshot of a specific automation's previous runs. The amount of time the run history will go back is based on your plan type, which you can find more details on here.

Whenever you're a specific Automation, you can click the "History" button to get a detailed look of the previous executions. The view will give you an overview of each run of the Automation, including their start time, status, duration and amount of actions that occurred during that particular execution. This is a great way for you to view Automation progress and track any potential issues that happen along the way.

Note: Seeing an error in your automation? Check out our article detailing common automation errors and how to resolve them.

Error Emails

When an error occurs in an Automation, Workspace Members with the Administrator role will receive an email notification. It will look something like this:

Automation Errors

Occasionally you might have one of your automations generate an error due to a configuration issue, network outage or other such circumstance. The following table lists the errors that can be generated, along with a description of what they indicate.


Error description

Build record missing inputs

Error is displayed when the field that was used as input in action got deleted

Action inputs could not be generated - field is missing

Error is displayed when the field that was used as output in action got deleted

Action inputs could not be generated

Error is displayed with inputs to an action are not valid (field has been deleted, etc)

Bad gateway

Error is displayed when the server doesn’t respond

Gateway Timeout

Error is displayed when a response was not received in time or the request was too long

Action fail

Error is displayed when there is any error from external service (such as Slack or Twilio integrations)

Missing record id in inputs

Error is displayed when a record that needs to be updated is not found

The 'To' number 0******** is not a valid
phone number.

Error is displayed when the user's Twilio phone number is invalid

Bad Request

Error is displayed when invalid data was sent to monolith

Unable to find choice: 'CHOICE'

Error is displayed when any of the Select type fields choices is missing

No emails to send to

No valid emails were passed to an action that requires emails for output

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