September 2022 Edition

  • Bulk updates: Quickly update multiple fields at once

  • Form updates: Add a custom logo and newly available fields in forms

  • Add fields in Record view: Add a new field directly in Record View

  • Locked Views: Ability to lock any view on Professional and Enterprise plan

  • New Automation Triggers: At a scheduled time, Checklists

  • Count & Rollup Click through: View all the data in count and rollup fields

  • Zapier Record Finder: Look up a record/list of records by name and then pass it to an update action

  • Mobile Updates: Fewer clicks to add content and update field types

July 2022 Edition

  • New Home Page: Access to resources, customization, and easy navigation

  • Bulk Actions: Perform bulk actions on records (More coming soon!)

  • Add New Rows in Grid View: Add a new row in just one click

  • Slack & Gmail Automations: Set up automations for Slack and Gmail

  • Default Workspace: Set your default workspace

  • User Community: Connect, share, and engage with our community

June 2022 Edition

  • Forms: Collect important data from anyone with forms

  • Automations: Streamline your work with updated automations

  • Application Permissions: Granting the right level of permissions for your team

  • Chart Widget: Visually display important business data with the Chart Widget

  • Shared Grid View: Easily share SmartSuite data with anyone

  • Single Sign-On: Protect yourself and save time

  • Idea Exchange: Where Customers Shape Our Product Roadmap

May 2022 Edition

  • Metrics Widgets: Track key metrics, their performance over time, and compare against goals or targets.

  • Chart Enhancements: Bring your SmartSuite Charts to life

  • Zapier: Integrate SmartSuite with almost anything

  • Auto-Generated Record Titles: Concatenate any fields to a title

  • Closed Assignments: See all of your completed tasks at a glance

April 2022 Edition

  • My Work: My Work is a single place to view your assigned work across all processes and projects

  • Time Tracking: Track time, create and set estimates, add notes, and view customizable time reports

  • Dashboards: Build powerful, visually thrilling views into your information. Gain visual insight into the performance of any team, process or project, and make smarter business decisions

  • Timeline View: View your projects and processes in a timeline format that is great for visualizing workstreams and schedules over a custom period of time

  • Record Sections: Group fields into sections on the edit record page to organize your data

  • Integrated Help Panel: SmartSuite’s help panel makes it easy to ask questions, get help or suggest improvements.

  • Mobile App: Get your work done on your mobile device without losing a step

March 2022 Edition

  • Charts: Visualize your data with multiple chart types, from bar and line charts to bubble, heat map, scatter, donut, and more.

  • Member Directory: Easily find, connect and collaborate with team members anywhere in the world. Check out who’s available and get to know other team members through their profiles.

  • Availability Status: Let other team members know what you’re working on, if you’re available, or if you’re busy with Availability Status.

  • Grid-Inline Edit: Edit directly in Grid View to efficiently get your work done.

  • Grid-Column Totals: Summarize the data displayed in a Grid View with column totals.

  • Data Import: Quickly import your data into SmartSuite from spreadsheets, contacts, calendars, and more.

  • Print/Export: Print or export your work in multiple business and user-friendly formats.

  • Duplicate Solutions: Duplicate existing solutions to create similar processes or workflows easily.

February 2022 Edition

  • Formulas: Calculate values based on other fields using simple functions or advanced logic.

  • SmartDocs: Add collaborative, rich content documents to your apps to supercharge your workflows.

  • Kanban View: Visualize your workflow through different stages, track progress, and assign tasks quickly.

  • Activity History: Track every action in SmartSuite. Know what your teammates are working on and what changes they've made in real-time.

  • Conversations: Communicate with your team right where your work is being performed.

  • File Management: With SmartSuite’s File Management system, manage files directly in your workflows.

  • Real-Time Updates: Instantly see when anything and everything is updated. Who, what, when - it’s all available in real-time, down to the second.

  • Power Search: Easily search for anything across every part of SmartSuite.

January 2022 Edition

  • Notification Panel: Receive real-time notifications in SmartSuite to stay informed about actions relevant to you.

  • Recycle Bin: Never worry about losing data! Anything you delete can be restored in a couple of clicks.

  • Calendar View: View records in a calendar format of your choosing, sorted by a date or date range.

  • Card View: View your data as visual cards that can include logos, images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and other rich content.

  • Map View: View any of your location data in a fully interactive map format that includes powerful display features.

  • Solution Permissions: Easily grant permissions to SmartSuite Members and Teams to control your workflows and data.

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