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Product Updates: July 2023 Edition
Product Updates: July 2023 Edition

Repeating tasks, form updates, Gmail trigger, SmartDoc AI, and more!

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Repeating Tasks

Schedule tasks to be auto-created on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom schedule

Repeating tasks allow users to schedule tasks to be auto-created on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom schedule.

This new feature can be enabled and configured directly within any Due Date field by users that have edit access to the field.

Scheduled repeating tasks will adapt to changes in completion dates and schedule the next occurrence accordingly, so you don't have to worry about missing future deadlines.

Forms: Time Field Support

Forms now support the time field

Forms have been enhanced to support our Time field type. This means you can ask

respondents to specify time in 15-minute increments or type a custom value.

Forms: Resuming Partial Submissions

Let users resume forms they've already started

We understand that sometimes users might need a moment before finalizing a form.
In the settings for forms, you can now choose to let users resume forms they've already started. This will save any progress they've made on the form automatically.

To leverage this convenience, simply enable it from within your Form settings. It’s all about giving you the control and flexibility you deserve!

Note: You need to use the same browser to restore your saved progress.

Automations: New Gmail Trigger Type

Take action in SmartSuite when an Gmail is received

SmartSuite's When an email is received trigger for Google Gmail allow you to automatically take action in SmartSuite based on a trigger from Gmail. If you haven't already, we also recommend that you check our articles on creating an automation and managing automations for more information about setting up new workflows.

The following options are available when configuring this trigger:

  • Google Gmail Account. To use this trigger you must first authorize with Google and give SmartSuite permissions to access your Gmail inbox and messages. Click Add new Google Gmail Credential to log in to your account.

  • Folder. You can optionally move new mail that matches your conditions to a folder in Gmail. Note that the folder must already exist.

  • Conditions. Here you can add one or more conditions that must be true for the trigger to fire. These conditions match values in the Gmail message.

Views: Duplicate as Public

Make views public or private upon creation

When duplicating views, users now have the option to make them public or private. This adds a layer of customization that wasn't there before as previously they would default to creating private views.

Solution Template Videos

Overview Videos to each Solution template category

We have started adding Overview Videos to each Solution template category. This has been done to allow new users to better understand the types of templates that are available in each category.

SmartSuite AI Assistant

Integration of OpenAI's Chat GPT 3.5, a feature housed within our SmartDoc field

We're excited to announce that our SmartSuite AI Assistant has graduated from Beta and is now accessible to all our paid customers.

Dive deep into the world of AI with our integration of OpenAI's Chat GPT 3.5, a feature housed within our SmartDoc field. Whether you're selecting from our array of pre-crafted prompts or feeling creative and designing your own, the power of context-aware generation is at your fingertips.

Plus, we're gifting you 200 free requests to kickstart your AI journey. If you're hungry for more after that, simply integrate your own Open AI API key for uninterrupted access.

Embrace the future of content creation and experience the unparalleled potency of our newest offering! For intricate details, do refer to the comprehensive article provided.

Other Notable Enhancements


  • Added mobile push notifications for Android and iOS

  • Added notifications for automation failure, when a record is restored, and when your invite is accepted by another user.

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