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Product Updates: September 2023 Edition
Product Updates: September 2023 Edition
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Form Sections: Conditional Logic

‍Dynamically show or hide entire sections of fields in your forms based on conditional logic

We are excited to announce a much-requested enhancement to our Forms feature. With this enhancement you can now dynamically show or hide entire sections of fields in your forms based on conditional logic. It functions similarly to Conditional Fields but offers even greater control, allowing you to show only those fields relevant to the current submission.

Configuring conditional logic in form sections is a simple checkbox option that shows a configuration panel where you can easily add any required conditions. The ability to hide or show entire groups of fields greatly simplifies the configuration process for long forms.

New Printing Options for Linked Records

The printed version now mirrors the display setting you've chosen for the field

Up until now an export of a record to PDF would only display Linked record Titles. We've enhanced this printing function to mirror the display setting you've chosen for the field, allowing you to incorporate additional linked record field content into your printouts when desired.

With this feature, you have the flexibility to choose how your Linked Records are presented when printed or exported to PDF. For instance, the Expanded record view will display all the details, including field names on the left and additional field values to the right. Now you can create reports, printed policies, status updates and more that contain the details needed by your readers.

Paste of Values in Select Lists

Streamlined process for adding choices in Single and Multiple Select field

We've streamlined the process for adding choices in Single and Multiple Select fields. Instead of using the dropdown "Add new" option from the field menu, you can now paste values directly into grid cells when the "Allow users to create new choices" setting is enabled. Note that Solution Managers (and users with the Administrator role) always possess this capability regardless of the field setting.

SmartSuite automatically adds these new options to the field, making them available for selection by other users. This time-saving feature provides you an easy way to keep frequently-changing lists up-to-date with minimal effort.

Bulk Duplicate Option

Select and instantly duplicate multiple records

In our Grid view, you now have the capability to select and instantly duplicate multiple records by checking the checkboxes next to each record (row) and then selecting "Duplicate." When the "Unique Record Titles" option is activate, we'll automatically append "Copy 1," "Copy 2," and so on, to differentiate each record.

To initiate the duplication process, select the records you want to duplicate, then click the Duplicate action in the bulk actions toolbar. SmartSuite provides immediate feedback with a toast message in the bottom left corner, confirming that the duplication was successfully completed. This feature streamlines data creation processes, allowing you to quickly create sets of records with similar values.

Learn more

Bulk Copy Option

Selecting and copying multiple records is now easier than ever

Boost your efficiency with the Bulk Copy feature in SmartSuite's Grid View. Selecting and copying multiple records is now easier than ever - just check the boxes for records you want to copy, then click the Copy action in the bulk actions toolbar. Once copied, you have the flexibility to paste the data wherever you need it, whether it's into Excel, Google Sheets, or even back within SmartSuite.

This capability gives you easy access to any of the data you have in a SmartSuite Grid View, allowing you to work seamlessly with all of the tools you use in your workflows.

Filter Groups in Views

Advanced filtering options for your records

SmartSuite takes data control to a new level with Filter Groups in Views, offering advanced filtering options for your records. Filter Groups allow you to create grouped conditions that provide fine-grained control over your Views. You can choose to nest groups for advanced, granular control or stick with traditional top-level filters for simplicity.

This flexibility ensures that you can specify conditions to filter the records displayed in your current View accurately. With Filter Groups, you can construct views that display precisely the data you need for a particular workflow. By narrowing down the data based on complex criteria, you can ensure that your data presentation matches your specific requirements.

Filter Groups can be added in two ways: from the first level of your filter by clicking the "Add Filter Group" button, or from within an existing filter group. The latter approach nests the new filter group within the existing one as one of its conditions.

SmartDoc Collaborative Mode

SmartDoc field type now supports a collaborative display mode

Our SmartDoc field type has been enhanced to support a collaborative display mode that is auto-enabled if two or more team members are editing a SmartDoc field at the same time. This feature provides a real-time view of all edits, mirroring the dynamic collaboration experience of platforms like Google Docs. Collaborators' cursors are color-coded, and matching name pills make it easy to identify contributors.

One of the standout features of Collaborative SmartDoc Mode is that combined edits are saved during the collaborative session, preventing data loss during concurrent edits. This eliminates the hassle of constantly needing to save documents and ensures that no work is accidentally over-written during collaboration.

Other Notable Enhancements

Solution Permissions

  • Newly created solutions in SmartSuite now have a default setting called "Private to Me" instead of the previous default setting of "All members have full access". This means that you can continue creating new solutions without giving access to your users until you are ready to do so.

Activity History

  • Automations now show a special user icon and the name of the automation in the activity history!

View our product roadmap to see all exciting enhancements planned and in progress or to make a feature request of your own!

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