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Embed Grid Views directly on dashboards

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Check out the Introduction to Dashboards article to understand the basics of working with widgets.

The Grid View Widget is an option to select from the Dashboard view Gallery. Learn more about how to create a Dashboard View here. This widget provides a visual way to display your SmartSuite data in a read-only or editable grid right within your Dashboards.

Configuring a Grid View Widget

Here are the steps for creating a Grid View Widget:

After selecting the Widget, a Setting module will display allowing you to indicate which Solution you wish the Grid View to come from, as well as the Solution's App.

Next, you are able to select from several display options including:

  1. Toggle the ability to inline edit directly from the Grid View widget

  2. Optionally display the report toolbar (to Group, Sort, Filter, Spotlight, or Find data)

  3. Whether to allow users to open the record and view all its details

  4. The option to limit the number of records displayed in the Grid Widget

Drag the widget window to adjust the adjust its size. You can also choose to minimize the widget or view it in full screen mode.

The Grid View Widget has plenty of customization options, including: setting highlight color, renaming the Widget, adding a description, and collapse by default. You can also choose to have the widget collapsed by default (useful when you have a large number of widgets displayed on a single Dashboard).

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