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Fields are the building blocks of Apps, and are the containers for your data. Apps, in turn, are part of Solutions, which group them into logical combinations that can be easily managed by the right team.

Data storage then looks like this:

Each type of field is designed to hold a specific type of information. With more than 40 types, there is a field for anything you need to store.

You can think of fields as columns in a spreadsheet... but more powerful! You can store anything from simple text and numbers to entire complex documents, links to other Apps and much more.

Learn more about the available field types in this article.

Working With Fields

Field Permissions

Field permissions allow Solution Managers to define granular permissions for individual fields in their App.

Learn more about how you can set up permissions at a field level here.

Adding a Field

Adding fields to your App is a snap, just click the [+] icon in Grid View, like this...

Or from the Record display, click the [...] properties of any existing field, select Add New Field and select the type you want to add. There's a handy search feature here too - just type part of a field type's name to shorten the list!

The new field will appear directly below the existing field...

Save clicks and design your record view quicker. You can now add new fields in the record view through the "Add new field to this app" button at the bottom of the record.

See the display below:

Lastly, you can add a field by selecting the "Add field to the right" option in an existing field's properties menu in Grid view. It looks like this:

Available Field Types

SmartSuite offers more than 40 field types to accommodate any type of data you need to manage. A complete list is available on the Master Field Listing page, which can be accessed from the bottom of the "Add Field" dropdown as shown in the screenshot below:

Clicking anywhere in the button bar will open the Available Field Types dialog. Every field type that you can add to an app is listed, and the following options are supported:

  1. Search for a field. Start typing in the search bar and the displayed fields with be filtered dynamically. Click the small "x" to the right of the search input to clear what you've typed and start over.

  2. Sort field list. You can sort the list of fields by category (the default), by field type or in alphabetical order by field name.

  3. Add a field to your app. Hovering over a field will highlight it's card and show a "+" indicator - just click on the card to add the field to your app.

Remember that there are a lot of field types - you'll have to scroll down to see them all unless you've filtered the list through a search!

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