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Create collections of records using any field and data attribute.

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Grouping records in views and saved views is a powerful way to visualize data and support workflow processes.

The Group control is in the Report Toolbar and is available in Grid, Card, Calendar, Timeline and Map views.

πŸ“ NOTE: Group is not available in Kanban View, because that view / saved view type automatically groups by certain field types only (e.g. Status fields or Single Select fields).

Select any field within the Group control and the associated display order to dynamically rearrange records. Grouping display order options are based on the field type selected:

  • Text-based fields are ordered alphabetically (A to Z, Z to A)

  • Numeric & Date Fields are ordered ascending (1 to 9) or descending (9 to 1)

  • Values list fields such as Single Select are ordered by the position of values in the list (First to Last, Last to First). For example, consider a Status field with Backlog, In Process, Ready for Review, and Complete values. Selecting "First to Last" will group and order all records with Backlog values first since it is the first option in the Status field value list.

Create nested Groups to further organize records:

πŸ“ NOTE: SmartSuite currently supports up to 3 levels of grouping

Grouping in Grid View

The Column Control in Grid View provides an option to quickly Group by the column (field).

⭐️ Pro Tip: The ability to collapse and expand record groupings is a powerful feature, particularly when working with large data sets.

You can collapse and expand grouped records by clicking on the group field name, or Collapse All button in the Group control.

Shortcut with New Records

Grouping provide a handy πŸ‘πŸΌ shortcut when adding new records in Grid View. When you click the + beneath a row in the grid, the new record will automatically πŸ’« populate with the grouping values applied to the new record. πŸ•ΊπŸΌ

Grouping in Card View

Visually order cards in Card View using the same Group control in the Report Toolbar.

Grouping in Timeline View

Record groupings are displayed on the left side of Timeline View and also reflected in the cards within the Record Listing panel on the right.

Grouping in Calendar & Map Views

Groups appear in the Record Listing panel in Calendar View and Map View while the records remain static on the view.


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