Recycle Bin

Restore deleted records and fields for up to 30 days

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Feature Overview Video

Recycle Bin allows members to restore content that has been deleted. It's SmartSuite's friendly "Oooops 😳 , I didn't mean to do that" feature.

Use Recycle Bin to Restore Content

Members can restore content according to their role and permissions:

  • Workspace Admins can restore all deleted content and fields for all solutions on a workspace

  • Solution Managers can restore all content and fields for solutions they manage

  • General Users with Full Access to solution(s) can restore all content

  • General Users with Editor and Contributor access can restore content they have created and deleted

Restore While You Can

How long you have to restore deleted content via Recycle Bin is dependent on the SmartSuite Edition on your workspace, currently as follows:

  • 14 Days for Free Forever Plan

  • 30 Days for Team Edition

  • 45 Days for Professional Edition

  • 60 Days for Enterprise Edition

Where to Find Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is located in your Member Profile dropdown in the upper right of any screen.

Working with Recycle Bin

Restore Records or Fields

Recycle Bin items are listed in the order they were deleted, most recent first. Click Restore to add your field or record back into your Table.

Search & Filter

Search deleted content, filter by Member and toggle between solutions (dependent upon your permissions.

Permanently Delete Items

Items can be permanently deleted by clicking on the πŸ—‘ trash can icon. Permanent means forever. It's gone like the sands of time through an hourglass...or something. You get the point - be careful when permanently deleting items.

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