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Adding/Modifying Field Help Text

Provide more information about the field using field help text

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While the purpose of many SmartSuite fields is self-explanatory, there are times when it would be useful to have help text to guide users in providing the correct information or selecting the right value.

Fields that support help text

Most SmartSuite field types support help text. Due to the way they are displayed, a small handful of "system" fields (the ones SmartSuite automatically creates and controls) do not support help text. They include:

  • Record Title

  • Comment Count

  • First Created

  • Last Updated

Adding or modifying help text

To add help text to a field:

  1. Select the field dropdown for the field you want to add help text to

  2. Select Modify Field Settings option.

  3. Select the Help Text tab

  4. Enter up to 700 characters of help text.

Note: Our help text supports rich text capabilities! Highlight text or use the bar across the top to apply formatting such as bold, highlight color, lists, and even hyperlinks!

Here is an example of a more robust paragraph of help text:

5. Choose your (Record View) display type

6. Click Update Field to save your changes

You'll see the number of characters you have left below the lower-right corner of the help text entry area.

To modify field help text, simply follow the same steps as adding help text, make your updates, and save your changes.

Viewing Help Text

Depending on the display type selected, you will be able to see the help text as either a hoverable tooltip or as a short paragraph of text below the field name.

You can do this in the field settings under the "Help Text Appearance" Section.

As a Tooltip

Below the Field Name

Removing help text from a field

To remove field help text, simply to go Modify Fields Settings in the field dropdown, delete the help text, and update the field. You'll know you've deleted everything when the words Write Here are displayed.

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