Arrange data with simple and advanced sorting.

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Sorting records in SmartSuite is similar to working in a spreadsheet. The Sort control is available in the Report Toolbar for Grid, Card, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline and Map views.

Select any field within the Sort control and the associated sort order to dynamically rearrange records. Sort order options are based on the field type selected:

  • Text-based fields are sorted alphabetically (A to Z, Z to A)

  • Numeric & Date Fields are sorted ascending (1 to 9) or descending (9 to 1)

  • Values list fields such as Single Select are sorted by the order of values in the list (First to Last, Last to First). For example, consider a Status field with Backlog, In Process, Ready for Review and Complete values. Selecting "First to Last" will arrange all records with Backlog values first since it is the first option in the Status field value list.

Sorting in Grid View

The Column Control in Grid View provides an option to Sort by the column (field).

Sorting in Card & Kanban Views

Sorting in Card and Kanban views orders cards.

Sorting in Calendar, Timeline & Map Views

Sorting in Calendar, Timeline, and Map views reorders cards in the Record Listing panel.

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