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Introduction to Teams
Introduction to Teams

Create teams to organize SmartSuite Members into groups for easy assignment

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Teams are a great way to organize your SmartSuite workspace Members into groups, allowing Solution Managers to easily grant permissions to the right people and making it possible for users to reference groups of people in comments and @mentions. SmartSuite allows people across your organization to communicate and collaborate with a common context.

Example Teams

Here are a few ideas about teams you can create:

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • HR

  • Product Development

  • Building Maintenance

  • Project [Project Name]

  • Customer Care

  • Administrative Staff

While everyone can see Teams and their members, only Members with the Administrator role can manage them. See the article Creating and Managing Teams for more details.

See users by Team in Member Directory

An easy way to see other users by Team is to look in the Member Directory, where you can group by Team, like this...

See a Member's Teams in their profile

You can see a Member's Teams in their profile, and clicking the Team name opens a window that shows all of that Team's members.

Here is an example of the Team Members window...

Things to know about teams

  • You can have a maximum of 100 Teams per SmartSuite workspace

  • You can @mention a Team by name

  • There is an Everyone Team that contains every active Member

  • Teams have Owners who can manage Team

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