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Managing Automations

Editing, duplicating, deleting, disabling automations and SmartSuite Automation Limits

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Once you have an Automation configured, there are a few things that you should know about to keep everything running smoothly.

Where to Find Automation Management Functions

You can perform Automation Management functions from the Automations list, which you display by clicking Automations in the Solution properties menu.

You can read more about navigating Automations functions in this article.

Managing Automations

After you have initially created your Automation, there are several management functions that are useful to maintain them, including:

Editing Existing Automations

If you find that you need to make adjustments to an existing Automation, no problem! Simply hover over the automation you want to modify and left click to display the edit modal, like this:

πŸ’‘SmartTip: Needing to collaborate or get help on an automation from another user that has access? When you're inside the automation, you can copy the URL, send it to them, and it will open directly to the automation you were looking at!

From the automations list view, you can also click on the 3-dot menu and select the "Copy Link" option:

Duplicate Automation

Available in the 3-dot menu displayed on hover. Selecting this option will make an exact copy of the automation and its settings, naming it [Name] copy.

Delete Automation

Also available from the 3-dot menu, you can choose to delete an automation that is no longer used. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion:

Important! If you delete an Automation it is gone permanently, they are not moved to the recycle bin!

Disable or Re-enable an Automation

To temporarily disable an Automation and keep it from firing, just click the ON toggle button to OFF in the Automations list, like this:

To re-enable the Automation, just toggle back to ON and you're all set!

Automation Limits

Automation Actions are one of a few SmartSuite resources that are metered against your workspace, including a Plan-specific quantity that you can use for no additional charge. The number of included automation actions per Plan are:

  • Free Plan: 100 automation actions per month

  • Team Plan: 5,000 automation actions per month

  • Professional Plan: 50,000 automation actions per month

  • Enterprise Plan: 500,000 automation actions per month

Read more about Automation Action Limits in this article.


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