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SmartSuite AI Assistant (SmartDoc)
SmartSuite AI Assistant (SmartDoc)

Use AI to generate or improve text inside our SmartDoc field!

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SmartSuite's AI Content Creation inside our SmartDoc field integrates with Open AI using Chat GPT 3.5. By default you can select from a list of pre-created prompts or choose to generate your own, optionally using context from the record. Your paid workspace has up to 200 free requests. After that, you'll need to use your own Open AI API key to continue using it. The API key will be workspace-wide. Details are listed at the end of the article.

Accessing the AI Assistant in SmartDocs

To access AI in a SmartDoc, simply open a SmartDoc field and hit the / command.

Creating New Content

To create new content, you have two options:

Select one of our pre-configured prompts

These prompts have been pre-configured to include various writing styles and formats such as blog posts, social media posts, creative stories, and more. This option is great for those who may want a little guidance or inspiration to get started.

Prompts include:

  1. Brainstorm ideas on...

  2. Write a blog post about...

  3. Write an outline about...

  4. Write a social media post about...

  5. Write a press release about...

  6. Write a creative story about...

  7. Write an essay about...

Enter your own prompt

This allows you to have complete control over the direction and style of your content. It's perfect for those who already have a clear idea of what they want to write about and how they want to present their ideas.

Once you've drafted your new content, you'll then be presented with the options to have the AI:

  • Continue writing

  • Rewrite it shorter

  • Rewrite it longer

  • Discard the generated content.

Edit existing content

Utilizing SmartSuite AI enables rapid enhancement of your writing by identifying typos, simplifying language, and offering additional improvements.

To edit existing content, simply highlight the content and click on "Ask AI."

This window will display:

Generate from Page with the option to:

  • Create a short summary

  • Generate action items

  • Explain the content

Write with AI with the options to:

  • Continue writing

  • Make Longer

  • Make Shorter

Edit or Review the Page with the options to:

  • Improve clarity

  • Simplify language

  • Fix spelling & grammar

Using context from the record

While entering your own prompt, you can also use the context of the record (assuming the data has been saved) using the format {{Field Name}}.

For example, if I had a number field just called Outstanding Payments and a Title Field called Name, I could write a prompt asking:

Write a follow-up email template using {{Name}} as the person it is being addressed to. Let this customer know they have this number: {{Outstanding Payments}} of outstanding payments.

Use Cases

Use Case: Job Description Generation

Here is an example of a prompt generating a Job Description for a head of sales in a post-seed round for a SaaS company looking to triple its MRR in the next two years:

The AI Assist generated a description of the company and role along with a detailed list of responsibilities and requirements for the job offer. See the results below:

Use Case: Create a Press Release for a Product Update

Here is an example of a generated press release based on the provided outline and feature details.

Using the prompt:

Create a press release of the latest product release. Write this for a professional audience and demonstrate the value of the features to our user base.

The AI Assist generated a formal and formatted press release.

Use Case: Lead Nurturing Email Sequence

Craft a potent email sequence with personalized subject lines and tailored content for each lead, transforming prospects into loyal customers.

Example prompt:

Develop an email sequence that will build a relationship with my IT prospective by offering helpful advice and resources, while also positioning my work management platform as the best solution to their disconnected workflows.


Is my OpenAI Key shared?

Yes, if you enter your OpenAI Key this is shared with your entire workspace.

How much does it cost?

We provide the first 200 requests free for you to try, but after that you will need to use your own OpenAI Key. We use the GPT-3.5 Turbo which you can find pricing details on here:

OpenAI uses a pay as you use model, but also allows you to put monthly caps on it to make sure you don't go over budget. For reference, a single heavy user could expect to spend a few dollars a month using it at most.

Can I turn the AI feature off?

As long as you are an admin in the workspace, this can be done in the workspace administration section of the product where you can click the toggle to disable it.

How do I add my own OpenAI Key?

You can manage this both inside the workspace administration section of SmartSuite and within the AI Content Generation menu itself.

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