Creating an Automation

Step by step guide to creating your first automation

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Set up

To create or modify an automation, open the Solution menu by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Solution name and selecting: Automations.

In the popup menu, select Create my First Automation.

Choose a Trigger

To prompt resulting actions or events, select + Add Trigger and the available triggers will display:

Select the Table that pertains to this automation. You can select a Table from any other Solution in your workspace.

If you select "When a form is submitted," you will need to indicate a specific form in the Table.

To change the trigger, either choose another option from the original trigger dropdown or select Change Trigger next to your current automation configuration.

Note: Records that already match the conditions in your automation will not fire.

The condition drop-downs will allow you to select specific fields and defined conditions of your trigger.

You can:

  • Use data (fields) from Trigger: Specific point in time or other fields in your Table

  • Select from Field's Choice: Chose specific field choices in your Table

For example:

Where Status Changes

From is "In Progress"
To is "Complete"

Add an action

Select the action you want to occur to display the available actions to choose from.

For example, if you select the Google Gmail integration action, you can authorize your account, specify email addresses, and customize your email message.

This email will be sent when the trigger and its conditions are met.

Edit the Automation Name and Description

You can edit the automation's name and description from the configuration window. Click New Automation in the upper left corner to give your automation a custom name.

Select the dropdown next to the title to add a description for the automation.

Automation Count

A number badge is displayed next to the Automation menu item to help you quickly understand the total number of automations set up in your Solution.

💡SmartTip: Needing to collaborate or get help on an automation from another user that has access? When you're inside the automation, you can copy the URL, send it to them, and it will open directly to the automation you were looking at!

From the automations list view, you can also click on the 3-dot menu and select the "Copy Link" option:

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